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Custom Giveaways… a Game Plan for Success

Promotional Game Plan for Success with Garrett Specialties Giveaways

Summer is coming to an end, do you have a plan for fall promotions? Custom giveaways are just what you need to bring you marketing success!

Football season is about to start. Play your promotions like a good contact sport. Think football gifts for fans, players, and sponsors. You’ll be sure to score a win for your brand!

Back to school is in full effect, start your game early with calculators, notebooks, and other school supplies. Businesses can also provide logo printed gifts to colleges and adult students. Think smartphone accessories, binders and pens.

Although summer is ending travel and vacations are not. Fall comes with a load of  vacation days and holidays. Travel gifts are a strategic way to tour your logo message.

The fall season also brings us unpredictable weather. So, don’t call off your marketing game because of bad weather. Blankets and umbrellas are quality promotions that your clients will appreciate.

Garrett Specialties has your custom giveaway game plan for success!