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Unique Ways to Find New Customers

It seems that with the growth of the digital age and social media, competition is tougher than ever before. There are  many ways to connect with new potential customers. So we have come up with a few new and unique ways for you to find your new clients.

Ringy Dingy Telephone HandsetOne way is to connect with people personally before you employ any other marketing strategies. In others words, host events and communicate with new clients on a personal level. You can truly make a lasting impression with face to face contact. Then with the aid of promotional gifts you can extend that relationship through social media and other forms of communication. For example, take a look at the Ringy Dingy Telephone Handset. It is such a fun and unique item that everyone can use. Imprinted on the handle with your logo and or Twitter handle to keep your brand in mind and keep them connected. People love to go to events and walk away with something. Leave them with something to remember you with, then when you contact them again through a follow up call or on social media they will remember your event, company and brand.

sol® Overtime DuffelAn additional way to find new customers is to show off how great your service or product is. One way to do that is to offer a promo gift to new and existing clients that refer you to other new clients. Reward your customers for spreading the word about your company.  A great way to achieve this is through Facebook. One of our clients here at Garrett Specialties is a mountain sports company. They wanted to get more likes on Facebook. So they offered to giveaway our personalized sol(r) Overtime Duffel bags. They chose a promotional product that they knew would be highly attractive to their clients. In order to be qualified for the promotion you had to “like” their Facebook page as well as share the page on your newsfeed. They were able to quadruple their Facebook likes in a matter of days. Winners were randomly selected.

Earth Flip Flyer Be different, send a unique surprise in the mail. Direct mail is still a very strong form of advertising. Choose an item that will be attractive to your target market. Something out of the ordinary like the Earth Flip Flyer will get their attention. It’s flat and easy to mail. It has a nice large imprint area for your logo and its a fun promotional piece that will start a conversation. One of our customers here at Garrett Specialties used it with the marketing message “offering a world of solutions”. They received a 95% response rate and 80% of those responses became new clients.

Using promotional products to promote your business to new clients shows that you are creative, dedicated and thoughtful. There is no other way to make such a great impression than with promo gifts.