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Imprinted Cell Phone Accessories… for our beloved cell phones!

Smartphone Promotional Giveaways

A study by the Mobile Mindset Study showed that about 58% of American cell phone users check their phone at least once an hour. We are obsessed with our phones. We check them in bed, in the bathroom, while we are eating or walking!

So, what a better way to get your marketing message across to your clients than with promotional giveaways for our beloved phones! We’ve found a few really cool mobile phone accessories that your smartphone lovers will enjoy!

Mobile Device Stand with Cleaner is … Continue Reading

Promo Products – Lowest Cost Per Impression

ASI Cost Per Impression of Promotional Products

Did you know that Logo Products have the lowest cost per impression? Put them up against any other advertising media and you will see that promo products win every time. No wonder why they are so popular and they have so many benefits.

The lowest cost per impression (CPI) for promo gifts is about $0.002 and on average is $0.004. That’s way less than a penny! Here is how promotional products compare to other ad media. Prime Time TV: $0.019, National Magazine: $0.033, Sports … Continue Reading

Pantone Color of the Year and Promotional Products

Pantone Color of the Year Emerald 2013 Promotional Products

Pantone Color of the Year Emerald 2013 Promotional Products

Pantone created the Pantone Matching System (PMS). PMS colors are very important to the promotional product community. PMS is a matching system used throughout the entire industry to accurately match colors. For example, your logo may have a specific PMS color. That PMS color has a number, when you place your order to have your logo imprinted on a promo product we will use that PMS number to match your logo … Continue Reading