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Imprinted Cell Phone Accessories… for our beloved cell phones!

Smartphone Promotional Giveaways

A study by the Mobile Mindset Study showed that about 58% of American cell phone users check their phone at least once an hour. We are obsessed with our phones. We check them in bed, in the bathroom, while we are eating or walking!

So, what a better way to get your marketing message across to your clients than with promotional giveaways for our beloved phones! We’ve found a few really cool mobile phone accessories that your smartphone lovers will enjoy!

Mobile Device Stand with Cleaner is a cool and handy accessory. It acts as a stand for your phone and has soft polyester cleaning pads. It even folds flat to fill in pocket or purse. Use cleaning pad for removing dust and fingerprints from device screen.

Have you ever lost connection because your battery died. Always have a fully charged batter with the Emergency Mobile Device Battery Portable. This lithium battery in aluminum shell allows you to charge your devices virtually anywhere. Includes standard USB connector cable to charge battery from your computer or any USB port with a power supply.

We absolutely love these earbuds. Taffy Microphone Flat Wire Earbuds come in a variety of colors. Pick one that matches your brand! Compatible with Apple devices. They have a built-in microphone and stylish color-plate detail accents.

There are so many other mobile phone giveaways to make your clients and their phones happy. Don’t forget to check out cases and other accessories. See our promotional cell phone accessories page.