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Reel in More Business with Promotional Products

Fishing Bobber

Promotional Fishing Bobber

Who doesn’t want to reel in more business with one of our popular promotional products. When looking for a successful marketing campaign that will effectively advertise your business and is useful to your clients, think about giving away a bobber. Turn the tides that come in and catch the big fish. New business  should be on your mind when starting to thinking about that next trade show, outdoor event. We have all heard the expression “Hook, line and sinker”.  You don’t have to be an experienced … Continue Reading

Lanuch a Promotional Giveaway that Sticks

Wall Walkers

Sticky wall Walker Toys

So you created a new product, but you need a promotional giveaway that sticks. Being remembered and put your customer on notice that they are about to have some great laughs. Wall Walkers Toss it on a wall, window or hard surface and watch it tumble down!The sticky feet alternately cling and release, so it “walks” down the wall. No one is looking launch this sticky toy trough the air, hey try the winders or walls of your office where they cling … Continue Reading

Dig Up the Promotion of Gardening

Promotional Garden Tool Bag

Dig up the Promotion of Gardening

Dig up the promotion of gardening one of America’s favorite pastimes by adding a Garden Tote Bag to your giveaway list. The benefits are numerous from being able to grow something on your own, connecting with nature, the beauty of the results and relaxation. When you have so many benefits that also offer health benefits then on the top of your list for a giveaway should be the Garden Tool Bag to get you started. Your logo will be carried around … Continue Reading

States Are Adding Bag Free Measures

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Economy Tote Bags

Reusuable Tote Bags


California started banning plastic bags and joining the long line of cities, of more states are adding bag free measures is possibly New York.  New York is another one that is considering on imposing a 10 cent fee on all plastic and paper grocery bags. Los Angeles was the first to impose this legislation. When I recently visited California I couldn’t believe while shopping at an upscale department store, … Continue Reading

Here comes Robot Puzzle

Promotional Robot Puzzle

Robot Puzzle

Did you know that Doing jigsaw puzzles can keep the mind active? Here comes Robot Puzzle to make a mess. How many times do you feel like taking your hands and sweep the mess off your desk. We all get a little bored sitting at desk. While your logo moves across your desk it will take your mind off of the stress. Assemble the robot like a puzzle, punching out the pieces from perforated sheets. Puzzle Robot It’s … Continue Reading

Looking to have Party Check out the Red Party Cup

Reusable Red Party Cup
Who would have thought that a little red cup would be so popular. So you guessed it, manufacturers are coming up all types of cups to copy the look of the little red cup. If you don’t want to give up that cup because it can be thrown away, Garrett Specialties has the answer. Check out our Let’s Party Ceramic Cup which is a ceramic red solo cup. Keep your beverages colder while tailgating with this handy reusable ceramic version of the party favorite. Great for barbecues, parties, fairs, festivals, sporting … Continue Reading