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3 Immediate Actions to Grow Your Business

Grow your business now with this 3-step action plan!

Action One: Pick up the phone
Reach out to new and old contacts. Making the call is the most important step. Start with your previous customers. Take a few minutes to do some research just before the call. Gather information on how you can best meet their needs. Offer a discount incentive to first time and returning clients. Don’t forget to ask for a referral too!

Action Two: Market with Promotional Products
Promo gifts can generate up to 80% of new business. It’s a fact, logo giveaways standout and create … Continue Reading

Growing Promotions!

Promotions That Grow - Plants and Potpourri
With Earth Day approaching on April 22nd and spring in the air it’s a perfect time for promotions that grow.

Here are some environmentally friendly garden ideas:

“Grow with us!” The Seed Plantable Planet expresses unity, change, growth, Earth, and hope. As a direct mailer, or handout it weights little and won’t take up too much room. Forget Me Not seeds are inside, watch it cultivate into a flowering plant. Plant this beautiful gift into the hands of your clients and watch their smiles grow.

Customize the Lucky Bamboo Plant to … Continue Reading

Grow Your Business with Promotional Products

It’s no news flash that the economy has gone bad. Sales are down and costs are rising. So what do you do to grow your business?

Those who are apprehensive quickly reduce spending in order to cut costs. Reducing expenses is good business practice if you make sensible decisions. Inopportunely, advertising budgets are often the first to decrease. Companies who don’t continue to fund promotions will decrease advertising noise to the advantage of those who do. Businesses who invest will stand out. Promote your business with customized advertising specialties and you will experience the reward.

Research shows that advertising using … Continue Reading

Dig Up the Promotion of Gardening

Promotional Garden Tool Bag

Dig up the Promotion of Gardening

Dig up the promotion of gardening one of America’s favorite pastimes by adding a Garden Tote Bag to your giveaway list. The benefits are numerous from being able to grow something on your own, connecting with nature, the beauty of the results and relaxation. When you have so many benefits that also offer health benefits then on the top of your list for a giveaway should be the Garden Tool Bag to get you started. Your logo will be carried … Continue Reading

Unique Ways to Find New Customers

It seems that with the growth of the digital age and social media, competition is tougher than ever before. There are  many ways to connect with new potential customers. So we have come up with a few new and unique ways for you to find your new clients.

Ringy Dingy Telephone HandsetOne way is to connect with people personally before you employ any other marketing strategies. In others words, host events and communicate with new clients on a personal level. You can truly make a lasting impression with face to face contact. … Continue Reading

Myths About Choosing Eco Friendly Gifts

Earth Friendly Gifts

Earth Friendly Gifts

Most people are aware that there is a need to conserve resources and reduce waste to try to preserve our beautiful Earth. But awareness does not necessarliy increase responsibility. We tend to complicate the matter and begin to believe in the following myths. You can reverse your clients thinking by promoting your brand with Earth Friendly items. Lead by example and do your part. Remember Earth Day is April 22nd.

#1: I’m only one person/company it won’t … Continue Reading

Best Friends: Marketing with Pet Promotions

RudeeOne thing you may share with your clients is the love for pets. They really are man’s best friend. Who else can offer unconditional love. It’s a fact that pet owners are happier and live longer!

That’s why I’ve dedicated this post to Pet Accessories. They offer so many opportunities to connect with your clients. Pet-related promotions can be used by receivers on a daily basis while exposing and strengthening your brand. People love to talk about their pets. It’s a great way to break the ice. Use imprinted pet promos at events, trade shows, and daily … Continue Reading

Impressionable Holiday Gift Ideas at Super Low Prices

Marketing Gifts for the Holidays at Low Prices
Looking for something unique? Something inexpensive yet impressionable? I’ve compiled a collection of some of my favorite promotion products for those who are following a budget. Or if you’re like me, you simply love a deal.

Color Band Executive Portfolio. An item that is great for any industry, especially engineers, accountants, sales, and education. A classic business folder with matching pen and calculator that’s definitely worth holding on to.

The Herb Garden is a wonderful clean and eco-friendly gift that can be enjoyed on a desktop or windowsill. … Continue Reading

SyFy’s (SciFi) Rebranding with Promotional Products

Formally spelled “SciFi” network now “SyFy” has re-branded with a new logo and an expanded marketing concept. They also changed their identity for copyright purposes.

The marketing team at SyFy searched for customized items that would expand the imagination of viewers, executives, and advertisers. The idea was to give advertising gifts that would promote thoughts about opportunity, creative thinking, future growth and to portray their new tagline: “Imagine Greater”. A collection of technological gifts were made with an illuminated or screen printed SyFy logo which include web cams, futuristic ice cream … Continue Reading

Breast Cancer Awareness: Anti-Stress Balls

Breast Cancer Awareness Self-Exam Anti-Stress Ball Educational Marketing“You don’t see Breast Cancer. You feel it.” Advertising agency McCann Erickson Portugal created a simple and lost cost way to increase awareness. Battling the most common cancer in the country, they needed a way to educate individuals.

A hard solid mass inside of the stress ball mimics a cancer growth. The brochure included with the promotional stress ball illustrates how to conduct a self-exam. As a result there was an increase in mammography scheduling and consultations.

Anti-stress balls come in a variety of shapes and … Continue Reading