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Customizable USB People

USB People Flash Drive
They are like the Build-a-Bears of the computer world. You start out with a standard USB person flash drive then you can customize it any way you’d like. Have you ever built a Wii person? It works just like that! Choose your USB people’s hair, eyes, lips, nose, mouth, clothing, and shoes. Then maximize its personality by adding your logo to it.

If you are interested in personalizing USB People thumb drives from scratch contact us at [email protected] Use the subject line: USB People.

We are currently optimizing our website so that users … Continue Reading

Direct Mail Marketing Wedding Crashers

Direct Mail Marketing Crashes Weddings
Wedding Direct is a program that was launched by Israel’s Ha’Poalim Mortgage Bank and WPP’s MediaCom. They sent wedding crashers to hundreds of weddings to give out a personal gift. These gifts didn’t contain what a bride and groom would normally receive such as checks and cash. Instead it was an Ikea gift voucher, and an invitation to meet and discuss the bank’s new special mortgage package for newlyweds.

I’m sure every envelope was opened since newly weds are eager to receive gifts. However it was a risky effort and may be seen as … Continue Reading

Free Goodie Bag Scavenger Hunt

Free Handbags by Rachel NasvikRachel Nasvik a New York designer filled 90 handbags with everyday items one would find in their purse, like lip-gloss, key chains, and personal care products. The bags were planted around the city for anyone to find and keep. Clues to where the bags were placed had been posted on Twitter.

What a sweet idea! You could stuff customized tote bags, back packs, and coffee mugs with other promotional products and giveaways. Plant them where your customers can find them. Leave clues on your web site and on social networking sites … Continue Reading

Garnier Pure Pen Punch Out Ticket Idea

Garnier Pure Pen Punch Out Ticket Promotion
Here is a creative marketing campaign that was targeted towards college students. The product is the Garnier Pure Pen that removes blemishes and pimples quick, easy and on the go. A model’s face was printed on the back of bus tickets along the college bus routes. As the tickets were punched it created a “blemish” on the model’s face. The message: Garnier Pure – Zap blemishes away! Agency: Publicis Mumbai, India.

Rectangle Punch Out Key Chain CardLooking to get the attention of your customers? You don’t have … Continue Reading

Power One Hand Tape Measure – New!

10 foot Power Tape Measure Promotional Business Gift
The best part about this new 10-foot tape measure is that you can measure any angle and there is no need to hold the other end. This measuring tool works at vertical angles too. The tape won’t bend leaving your other hand free to write down notes and measurements.

The new Power Tape Measure is the prefect promotion for woodworkers, construction, architects, engineers, handymen, office or household gift.

Power Tape Measure is an amazing tape measure that extends and retracts with a push of a button. No need to hold … Continue Reading

New Multi-Tool Construction and Household Product!

Multifunctional 11 in 1 Pocket Tool Kit
We’ve got the ultimate handy man tool! New at Garrett Specialties! All you need is in this one little tool. Bring it on camping trips, or keep it in the car, garage, home or office.

The Multifunctional 11-in-1 Tool Kit is a great gift for do it yourself incentives, construction gifts and promotions. This awesome tool includes the following: Replaces 23 SAE and metric wrenches. Rugged anti-slip screw to hold the hammer head firmly in position. Rugged hammer. Drop forged, heat treated hammer head. Strong ergonomic metal handle with non-slip … Continue Reading

Sticky Promotions with Post-it Notes

Post-it Memo Notes PromotionsCreative ways to use Sticky Notes and Note Cubes for advertising. Stick memo notes are so useful; stick them everywhere to get noticed. Logo a cube of post-it notes with your imprint so they don’t forget.

Here are two creative ad campaigns using stick notes. In the first image, fictitious female names and phone numbers were written on a ton of post-it notes and stuck on to the Hero Honda. “Exhibiting that it was the ultimate chick magnet.” In the second image this man is trying to forget something, but post-it notes won’t let him. … Continue Reading

Brilliant Promotions: On Sale Now!

Stress Balls & Stress Relievers Discounted on SaleShop around and compare. You’ll find that Garrett Specialties has the best prices. Now on Sale are two great promotional stress balls for any industry. The Star Shaped Stress Ball and the Brain Shape Stress Balls.

Star Shape Stress Ball now as low as $.72! The star stress relievers are available in yellow and white. Hand them out to top performers to demonstrate recognition. Watch sales shape up, show’em you’re a star. Let your customer’s know that they are your shining stars. This stress reliever is the perfect gift for all … Continue Reading

Graduation Commencement Gifts

Grad Gifts and Products for Graduation
Graduation. The beginning of the rest of their lives. The start of a promising future. It’s an emotional and memorable day for students, parents, teachers and professors.

Celebrate, congratulate, express pride and show recognition with these graduation gifts.

Grad Cap Keylight. Keep the light of education shinning. Graduation Cap flashlights are made with soft-foam padding, covered with durable PVC. Includes LED bulb, lithium battery, and split key ring.

With the Graduation Cap Pen, graduates will remember their achievements and will be encouraged to succeed in the real world. Graduation Cap Pen is a full sized … Continue Reading Airport Security Ad Campaign

Zappos Airport AdvertisementThe perfect opportunity to advertise about shoes! placed these ads in airport security bins. It’s unexpected to see a promotion like this while going through security, a great way to captivate an audience. Zappos managed to capture their audience’s attention while they were not wearing shoes. Sending the message to buy your next pair from them.

Whatever your product or service maybe, you can choose a promotional item that will put your business on consumers’ mind.

Source: Guerrilla Marketing and Communication Arts