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Billboard Giveaways

Promotional Give Aways, Free Stuff on Billboards
Austrian company Northland Professional implemented a billboard campaign where they offered free merchandise. They attached 20 samples of their scarves, caps, and gloves to 50 billboards.

Those passing by went to great lengths to get their hands on a free product. The lucky recipients then spread the word by telling others how they could get their own. They had produced a great way to gain attention by creating a unique way to for consumers to try their products.

Promotional giveaways always create hype whether attached to a billboard or straight from … Continue Reading

Give Me Something to Remember (Outdoor Event Promotions)

Outdoor Fun Events Promotional Gifts to Remember
While entering the municipal parking lot a group of energetic young people approached my car. In hand they had a bunch of goody bags filled with free stuff for my friends and me. “Awesome!” I thought. We were on our way for some fun in the sun and an outdoor concert.

It was a plain white plastic bag with some free samples of candy and juice. That was cool, but the only thing it was lacking was something to remember. I drank the juice, ate the candy and tossed the bag. I … Continue Reading

Dress Things Up! (water bottle & “hoodie”)

Hooded Sweatshirt Sports Water Bottles
When we were little kids, my sister and I used to catch frogs and then dress them up in “clothes” we fashioned out of tissues. I know…it borders on animal cruelty, but we were only trying to make them fabulous. The Sweatshirt Water Bottle dresses things up in a non-traumatizing way; specifically, with a “hoodie” for your water bottle. It is a BPA-free, biodegradable water bottle covered with a hooded sweatshirt. Plus, there’s a front pocket on it to hold things, such as your tickets to the big college game. It’s … Continue Reading

Skin Cancer Awareness

Skin Cancer Awareness Items
May is National Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Skin cancer affects over one million people per year. However, this form of cancer is the most preventable with proper skin care and protection.

Garrett Specialties can provide you with promotional items for business that will help increase awareness and prevention while you promote your brand.

Baseball Caps
Wearing a hat in the sun protects your face from the sun’s harmful rays. The Ripstop Cap is perfect for runners and athletes. It provides protection from the sun and the quality rip stop material keeps cap dry and comfortable.

Protect your eyes … Continue Reading

Always Wear Sun Block

SPF 30 Sunscreen Protection Giveaway
I’ve always loved the Sunscreen Song. (Continue reading to watch the video) It’s actually full of good advice and every time I hear it, it makes me smile. The creative words of wisdom have me day dreaming of what’s ahead and it eases my worry. Cheesy? Maybe it is, but it’s true.

Moral of the story be healthy and always wear sun block. Also, know that worrying solves nothing. Instead, distribute personalized sun care products. It’s a great way to expose your brand this summer.

The Sunscreen song was inspired by a column … Continue Reading

The Coolest Koozie Party Kooler!

Promotional Insulated Cooler with Bottle and Can Opener
Are you just as anxious as I am for some fun in the sun?

It’s time to start planning for your spring and summer promotions. The Koozie Party Kooler is the coolest promotional item for your next trade show or outdoor event.

A friend of mine, Paula, received one of these at a Nursery & Plant Industry trade show. She said it was the best and most memorable freebie she received from that show. Paula uses it for backyard pool parties and she stores it in the trunk of her … Continue Reading

New LED Flashlight – uncompromising performance

Promotional LED Flashlight“A powerful source of handheld light to illuminate any situation”.

Garrett Specialties now carries INOVA XO3® LED Flashlight . It is unbelievable and well worth the price. It is definitely a handy tool and would make a great promotional business gift. It provides superior performance for field technicians and engineers or makes a perfect executive gift.

To make a really sharp impression we laser engraved your logo or message on the barrel.

The INOVA® XO3® is the choice of the world’s most elite covert operations teams. Precision engineered for protection against the elements and extreme use, it offers … Continue Reading

Promotional Umbrellas – Walking Advertisements

Promotional Automatic UmbrellasThis clear promotional umbrella was given to customers by a hair salon in Vancouver called Gloss. The slogan reads, “Hair You Want to Show Off.” The genius idea turned clients into walking billboards. Loyal customers show off their new hairstyles while promoting the company.

It was a great way to say thank you to their consumers while displaying their work and exposing their logo. This is a perfect example of how promotional umbrellas can be used to increase brand awareness.

Custom Towels Show Team Spirit and Support a Cause

Imprinted Beach TowelThis customized towel has become the unofficial flag for the Steelers. It had originally been created by the late Steelers’ broadcaster Myron Cope as a marketing scheme to engage fans. An effective promotion, the promotional towels are proudly waved by fans across the country and imitated by other sports teams. The custom beach towel has turned “stadiums into pulsating seas of yellow.” It has become a symbol of the heart and sole of Pittsburgh. The Terrible Towel created a connection amongst fans all over the US. Maybe the influence this towel has created is … Continue Reading

Promotional Koozies Stand Out

Can Koozie, Custom Imprinted Koozies
To create a presence at the 2008 Austin City Limits music festival a local favorite, Shiner Beer, had a clever marketing solution. Heineken was the official sponsor; other businesses were not allowed to advertise inside the event.

So, outside the festival entrance, Shiner handed out custom promotional can koozies that looked exactly like a can of Shiner Bock. Festival goers looked like they were drinking Shiner instead of Heineken. Brand loyal locals enjoyed snubbing the corporate sponsor. Others simply kept their beer cold while creating a presence for the company. The yellow promotional koozie … Continue Reading