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The Power of the Pen!

Research from PPAI shows how useful promotional pens are and how they are great marketing tools. Of those surveyed:

60% use a pen 5-10 times a day.

73% keep a pen with them at all times.

79% use promotional pens that they have received from a business.

25% of the pens kept in homes and offices are promotional pens.

83% like to receive  ballpoint pens.

The power of the pen! A great promotional product at a minimal cost.

Asking for Business Referrals

Promotional Goofy Fun PensIt can be a little difficult and uncomfortable to ask your existing clients to provide referrals. But if they are satisfied customers, they should be proud and willing to suggest your services to others. When you provide good business people become excited to spread the word.

I suggest asking your most favorable clients what they like about you. Then use the information to your advantage. Learn what works and improve on it.

Reward those who are repeat customers and who are willing to provide referrals with promotional gifts.

Promotional pens are inexpensive gifts that spread fast. … Continue Reading

Wash Your Hands With Soap

Germ Killing Soap Leaves and Antibacterial Pens
Swine flu or not, the best way to prevent the spread of disease causing germs is to wash your hands. To reduce bacteria in hands it is recommended to wash for at least 20 seconds with soap.

Soap Leaves are a great promotion giveaway. Do your part to educate and protect others from sickening germs.

Unscented Glycerin Soap is the perfect item to leave behind in a care package or to include with other hand care products.

When water is not available use Antibacterial Healthcare Products such as hand sanitizers. Antibacterial pens such as … Continue Reading

Garrett Specialties new business gifts website!

Garrett Specialties Promotional Products
Garrett Specialties has launched it’s new website! We hope our fresh new look will make your promotional product search more enjoyable. We are proud to have always had a site that is user friendly and easy to navigate.

The promotional items information page includes some of my favorite new features. This is the page where you can find information about each of the unique products we carry. At the top of the page you will find thumbnail images related to the product you are currently viewing. Click the right and left arrows to browse … Continue Reading

Tips to Lure Holiday Shoppers

Holiday shoppers this season will be frugal. The biggest drop in retail sales on record was last month and expectations for the rest of the season are glum. Shoppers are cutting down on spending and shopping on premeditated budgets. These are definite signs of a recession.

So here are a few tips to attract consumers.

Make your product or service more affordable by cutting the luxuries. Stock items that cost less and sell for less. Customers are making buying decisions based on price, so cut them where possible by … Continue Reading

Promotional Pens – we love’em!

It’s a fact; people love receiving free promotional pens.

Most people keep a large collection in their desk, what I like to call a “just in case” pile, of their favorite pens, highlighters, pencils and markers. I personally make sure I have one in my car, in my handbag, in the kitchen, bedroom, and at my desk because it can be so frustrating if you need one and can’t find one. The need for writing instruments will never die because writing something down is still the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way … Continue Reading