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Promotional Fun Stuff Items Improve Sales Performance

YoYo Tricks Fun Promo Giveaways
The purpose of a marketing campaign is to sell a product or create new relationships with potential clients. Sometimes they may fail for many reasons. One maybe that your advertising may not be captivating, charismatic or unique enough to hold the attention of your audience. Need to improve your sales pitch? Looking for ways to get noticed?

Spice up your promotion. Bump up the entertainment. Incorporate the use of fun stuff into your selling pitch. Maybe you know some custom yo-yo tricks or maybe you can create a challenging game with irresistible … Continue Reading

Every Step Counts – Useful Giveaways

Promotional Fitness Multifunction PedometerWhether for a trade show, walk-a-thon, corporate event, or for any type of public awareness effort here are some useful giveaway ideas.

After all, every step counts when you are venturing to increase sales. Consider a promotional pedometer for your next campaign. Wear a pedometer on your belt or waistband to record the steps you take everyday. Some multifunction pedometers like the Deluxe Multi-Function Pedometer count the total steps taken, distance traveled, calorie consumption, date and time.

A pedometer serves as a motivational tool for people starting a walking program. Walking encourages weight loss, improves cardiovascular … Continue Reading

Lego… USB Flash Drive

This custom thumb drive was creatively constructed using toy lego pieces. It would be fun to see what could be built with a hand full. This piece was crafted by hand just for fun. Interesting enough, it would make a great marketing campaign.

Personalized USB Flash Drives are handy little memory sticks for file sharing and traveling. Load it with catalogs or advertising literature for a convenient, compact and innovative way to get information to a client.

After a Corporate Event

Business Card Holder and Voice RecorderThe last post was about making the best out of trade shows and corporate events in 2009. So now I’d like to continue that discussion and talk about what to do next. What do you do with all the knowledge and contacts you’ve gained from your last event?

First, have a morning meeting with your employees and partners to share what you have learned at an industry show or from a new business contact. Think about what new marketing products you can use that will be effective at your next event. … Continue Reading

Get the most from the next Trade Show and 2009

Trade Show GiveawaysIt’s a New Year! It’s time for trade shows gifts, new goals, corporate budgets, marketing ideas, and innovations. It’s time to start reorganizing, reworking, and planning to make 2009 the best year yet. So here is a plan to help you get the best out of tradeshows and reach your business goals.

First identify and understand your mission. What are your goals and how will you achieve those goals? Take an honest assessment of the current state of your business and decide what areas need improvement. Then create realistic goals and jot down … Continue Reading

Ice Scrapers… Gotta have them!

promo ice scrapersThe Northeast is getting hit with their first big snow storm today. A perfect opportunity to think about ice scrapers for your next advertising promotion. They’re essential tools to survive the winter. Most people won’t think twice about grabbing a free ice scraper even if it’s not winter. No one wants to get caught in an icy situation without one. Promotional ice scrapers make great ad specialties items. They are inexpensive and practical.

Featured in today’s blog is the stronger than ever Heavy Duty Ice Scraper. It is … Continue Reading

The Answer to your Promotional Puzzle!

Garrett Specialties Puzzle PenNew to the Fun Pens category: the Puzzle Pen!

Any promotional item that involves some kind of puzzle is metaphoric to business solutions, connections, networks, achievement, merger or affiliation. Social interactions like these are imperative to all businesses to achieve success and promotion.

A different message can be printed on each piece. Use slogans such as “Solving life’s puzzles”, “Making connections”, “Bringing the pieces together”, or “No problem left unsolved”. Each part interlocks creating several different formations. Intriguing for hours, it’s hard to put the puzzle pen down. It’s a … Continue Reading

Update: BPA Free Sport Bottles

In September we posted a blog about BPA Free Sports Bottles. There was some concern after the Journal of the American Medical Association concluded from a recent study that BPA may be harmful to adults with high levels of the chemical in their blood. However, the FDA made a statement that products on the market contain low levels of the chemical and do not pose health risks.
A recent update on the BPA safety was sent to the promotional products industry last week. Once again the FDA stated exposure levels are low … Continue Reading

Promotional Stress Relievers for Today’s Economy

The 2008 Annual Stress in America Survey conducted by the American Psychological Association stated that the “declining state of the Nation’s economy is taking a physical and emotional toll on people nationwide”.

That is probably no news to you but since we are all feeling the weight of the economy we need economical and creative marketing solutions.

Stress balls are great promotional products for today’s economy. They are inexpensive and come in a large variety of different shapes, colors, and sizes. There is a unique stress ball for any company in any industry.

They … Continue Reading

Bendeez – Stess Relievers with a Twist!

The Bendeez Stick and Bendeez Pen will get you through stressful days with ease! Once you pick it up you will find it hard to put down. They are excellent unconventional stress relievers. Bend them into any shape imaginable.

A great way to appeal to trade show traffic is to use the Bendeez Sticks to decorate your booth. Imagine bending them into swirly shapes and hanging them like party streamers. Make sure every visitor takes one.

Use the Bendeez Pen for direct mail campaigns. They are great promotional products for themes of change … Continue Reading