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Gift Giving At The Office

Holiday Giving at the Office Promotioanl Tips
Gift giving at the office can be challenging. You may not be sure which holidays your colleagues celebrate. And how do you determine to whom to give to? Should you feel pressured to give a gift to those you receive from? What if you don’t have one in return?

Here are some holiday gift giving tips from PPAI’s Promotional Consultant Today.

If you are exchanging gifts in the office with all but a few, avoid exchanging them at the office. Instead, meet after work, and do not talk about your gifts … Continue Reading

Give them a Holiday to Remember!

Holiday Gift Ideas to Remember
Keeping your brand at the top of your client’s mind is not always an easy task. One of the best ways to get their attention is to give them something unique for the holidays.

Here are this week’s top holiday promotional gift ideas:

One thing a woman hates most is to have to put her handbag on the floor. Not to mention the harmful bacteria that can be picked-up by doing that. The Pocket Book Holder instantly solves that problem. It’s a compact tool available in various colors that allows you to hook your bag … Continue Reading

Follow us (GarSpecialties) on Twitter!

Electronics Mobile Phone Lounger ImprintedGarrett Specialties just joined Twitter! Follow us

If you haven’t joined Twitter yet, here is an idea to get you started.

Twitter is a valuable marketing tool. It can help you create a social following. Advertise your twitter account on an imprinted product. I suggest a desktop item or a computer related item. Find something that likes to hang around the computer. That way it works as a reminder. Twitter is also mobile, you can text your tweets or download smart phone applications. A printed Electronics Lounger would be a great … Continue Reading

Garrett Specialties Receives 2010 PPAI Web Award Nomination

Promotional Brass Star Paperweight Garrett Specialties, a promotional product company, has been nominated for the 2010 Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) Web Award for Visual Design and Creativity.

The PPAI Web Award for Visual Design and Creativity recognizes the site’s overall appearance as well as its usability. The site provides a shopping experience that is as smooth and as effortless as possible. The design of successfully captures the user’s eye and acts as a visual guide through relevant content and information for over 750,000 marketing products.

Compared to recent years, the PPAI Web Award has become increasingly … Continue Reading

Promote a Good Conversation

The concept for this ad campaign is that a good conversation goes hand in hand with a good cup of coffee. So, Douwe Egberts launched the campaign “A good conversation starts with Douwe Egberts”. These disposable cups have been customized with unique topics that would potentially fire-up a conversation. Assuming that you still have your spoon or mixer, it would decide the topic of your conversation depending on which it lined up with. A lot of interesting discussions came about as a result and beneficially more coffee was sold.

Continue Reading

Impressionable Holiday Gift Ideas at Super Low Prices

Marketing Gifts for the Holidays at Low Prices
Looking for something unique? Something inexpensive yet impressionable? I’ve compiled a collection of some of my favorite promotion products for those who are following a budget. Or if you’re like me, you simply love a deal.

Color Band Executive Portfolio. An item that is great for any industry, especially engineers, accountants, sales, and education. A classic business folder with matching pen and calculator that’s definitely worth holding on to.

The Herb Garden is a wonderful clean and eco-friendly gift that can be enjoyed on a desktop or windowsill. Grow fresh herbs and … Continue Reading

Stainless Steel Toothpick Case

Metal Toothpick Case Promotional Holiday Gifts
My Dad would love this classic stylish toothpick case. It’s a really nice inexpensive holiday gift. I can just see him slipping it right into his shirt pocket after indulging into a great meal. This item would make the prefect holiday promotion for dentistry and oral care services, for restaurants and food industries, for hotels, bars, travel agencies, airlines and more.

The Stainless Steel Metal Toothpick Case has a sleek design. It’s an elegant stainless steel toothpick holder with a smooth polished exterior that fits perfectly into your pocket or purse. … Continue Reading

Guinness Halloween Shadow Coasters

Custom Die Cut Guinness Halloween Shadow Coasters
I know Halloween has already passed but I couldn’t give up the opportunity to talk about this ad campaign. What an awesome promotion using custom coasters.

The goal was to generate traffic to local bars on Halloween night. They needed something inexpensive and unique. For every Guinness bought a ghostly shadow shaped coaster was given. Each coaster transformed the shadow of a glass of Guinness into a scary and fun goblin. People really enjoyed the idea and wanted to take the coasters home. Guinness sales boomed that night.

Source: Ads of the World

Making your Promotions Colorific!

Colorific Promotions Rainbow Slotted SunglassesPromotion products are used to bring about brand awareness and get your business the attention it deserves. It’s important to select marketing items that will help you achieve those goals. They should be unique and send a clear message.

Choose products that match your corporate colors so they become familiar to the user. These colors will then be associated with your business helping you to become easily identified by your customers. Once you get to the point where you have created color specific brand awareness you can start to play around with incorporating new … Continue Reading

A Universal Gift – Travel Adapter with USB Port

 A Universal Gift – Travel Adapter with USB PortIf you’re looking for a special gift different from the more traditional holiday gifts, here is one that your clients will hold on to. Great for travel programs, frequent travelers, airline promotions, global marketing, students studying abroad, sales meetings, networking, trade shows and executive gifts. The Universal Travel Adapter with USB Port helps you travel more efficiently. With just a simple flip of the switch, this single, compact unit can alternate among four built-in international plugs, so you can power your electronic devices in more than 150 … Continue Reading