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Go Pink! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Go Pink! Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It seems as though everyone has been affected by cancer in some way. Maybe you have not you personally but often a relative, co-worker or even a person in your neighborhood has.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is a time for reflection, prevention and support. There are many ways for your company to show their support during the month of October. One way to show your support is through marketing and it has never been easier than now. Garrett Specialties offers a wide variety … Continue Reading

Kick-Off the Season with Fun Football Promos!

Kick-Off the Season! Football Promotional Items
Are you ready for some football? Fall is fast approaching and football season is already underway! That’s right, it’s time to breakout that tailgating grill along with your favorite team colors, let’s show some team spirit! Here at Garrett Specialties we are gearing up for football season with an array of fun promotional products. So with football looming in the air, why not fall into the season with some football fun!

Ever walked through the parking lot at a football stadium and … Continue Reading

Neoprene Flexi Bottle


You’ve seen these collapsible water bottles before. Usually they are thinly lined flat plastic bottles. However, the new Neoprene Flexi-Bottle is a little different. It’s the same flexible, foldable water bottle that you’ve seen but this one has a neoprene sleeve that covers the PE pouch. Therefor it keeps your drink colder longer. It holds 13.5 oz, has a push/pull cap and a handy carabiner. It comes in your choice of colors: red, blue, black or lime. Each includes a 1 color imprint to display your logo.

I think this is a … Continue Reading

Never Let Your Mobile Devices Die Again – USB Car Charger

USB Car Charger

USB Car Charger

We’ve all been there! Your phone always dies at the worst time. Have you noticed that the more you use your phone the faster it dies? How about your tablet or laptop? A lot of people carry all three. Well now you can alleviate this problem for your consumers while promoting your business at the same time!
Be An Integral Part of Your Customer’s Everyday Life
Last year we decided to drive to our vacation destination. Halfway through our ride we had to find an electronics store to purchase … Continue Reading

Make Water Taste Less Boring! Infuser Water Bottle

Infuser Water Bottle

Infuser Water Bottle

They say you are supposed to drink an “x” amount of water each day. According to the Institute of Medicine, men should drink 13 cups and women 9 cups. That’s a lot of boring water. However, it really is important for good health. Our bodies are made up of 60% water. H2O is essential to flush out toxins and to deliver nutrients through out our bodies. Did you ever get tired of plain old water? My sister actually hates the taste of water. Really? I … Continue Reading

Reasons to Use Promotional Product Marketing – Part One

Promotional Product Marketing

A powerful marketing campaign is so important to your business and we know that promo products can help you build a strong and successful campaign. So, we have put together 5 reasons why you should use promotional product marketing. This is part one of three. Each post will give you 5 more reasons why you should use promotional products in your marketing plan. So make sure to visit us again!

Attract New Customers

Giving a promotional product to potential customers leaves them with something … Continue Reading

Managing Stress

Stress can put your health at risk. So we want to do whatever we can to avoid it. Stress balls are a useful way to ease the minds of your clients. And one of the really great things about promotional stress balls is that they come in so many wonderful shapes. It’s easy to find one that will attract your customers and that will compliment your brand. Browse our stress ball catalog to see all the fun shapes. Then read below about different ways you can manage stress with relievers and other practices.

Take a break! Grab your imprinted stress ball … Continue Reading

Ideas for Trade Shows, Events, Meetings and Expos.

Ideas for Trade Shows, Events, Meetings and Expos from Garrett Specialties

Looking for a great idea for your next Trade Show, Event, Meeting or Expo? Use business gifts and giveaways to represent your brand. They will help keep the idea of your company in each and every attendee’s mind. Check out these hot promotional ideas.

The Tahoe Double Wall Tumbler is a great giveaway. What we love the most about this cup is … Continue Reading

Imprinted Cell Phone Accessories… for our beloved cell phones!

Smartphone Promotional Giveaways

A study by the Mobile Mindset Study showed that about 58% of American cell phone users check their phone at least once an hour. We are obsessed with our phones. We check them in bed, in the bathroom, while we are eating or walking!

So, what a better way to get your marketing message across to your clients than with promotional giveaways for our beloved phones! We’ve found a few really cool mobile phone accessories that your smartphone lovers will enjoy!

Mobile Device Stand with Cleaner is … Continue Reading

Promo Products – Lowest Cost Per Impression

ASI Cost Per Impression of Promotional Products

Did you know that Logo Products have the lowest cost per impression? Put them up against any other advertising media and you will see that promo products win every time. No wonder why they are so popular and they have so many benefits.

The lowest cost per impression (CPI) for promo gifts is about $0.002 and on average is $0.004. That’s way less than a penny! Here is how promotional products compare to other ad media. Prime Time TV: $0.019, National Magazine: $0.033, Sports … Continue Reading