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Lego… USB Flash Drive

This custom thumb drive was creatively constructed using toy lego pieces. It would be fun to see what could be built with a hand full. This piece was crafted by hand just for fun. Interesting enough, it would make a great marketing campaign.

Personalized USB Flash Drives are handy little memory sticks for file sharing and traveling. Load it with catalogs or advertising literature for a convenient, compact and innovative way to get information to a client.

New Products: Bottle Opener Baseball Hat, Bubba Keg Food Container

Bottle Cap Opener Baseball Hat and Bubba Grub Keg Snack Storage
Two great new custom sports products have been added to our fabulous line of marketing items. Because they are so cool, they’ll definitely stick around for a while and prove to be advantageous to the right marketing campaign.

The Bottle Opener Cap and the Bubba Grub Keg are the newest and hottest sport items. Just in time for Superbowl! Or start planning ahead for spring and summer sporting events, and outdoor fun!

These advertising gifts are the type people like to talk about … Continue Reading

After a Corporate Event

Business Card Holder and Voice RecorderThe last post was about making the best out of trade shows and corporate events in 2009. So now I’d like to continue that discussion and talk about what to do next. What do you do with all the knowledge and contacts you’ve gained from your last event?

First, have a morning meeting with your employees and partners to share what you have learned at an industry show or from a new business contact. Think about what new marketing products you can use that will be effective at your … Continue Reading

Get the most from the next Trade Show and 2009

Trade Show GiveawaysIt’s a New Year! It’s time for trade shows gifts, new goals, corporate budgets, marketing ideas, and innovations. It’s time to start reorganizing, reworking, and planning to make 2009 the best year yet. So here is a plan to help you get the best out of tradeshows and reach your business goals.

First identify and understand your mission. What are your goals and how will you achieve those goals? Take an honest assessment of the current state of your business and decide what areas need improvement. Then create realistic goals and jot down … Continue Reading

Trend Setting Earth Friendly Clock!

Water Powered ClockThis powerful time piece gadget certainly creates a buzz. Eco-friendly clocks, similar to the trendy Water Power Alarm Clock, were given to nominees like Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet on the red carpet of the Golden Globes. Leo loved it and said he’d surely use it. Kate thought it was absolutely amazing.

It’s a rotating calendar clock. Rotate it to change it’s advanced functions from clock to timer, date and temperature. An absolute travel item that’s great for everyday use. Just fill it with plain old H2O and you’re … Continue Reading

Ice Scrapers… Gotta have them!

promo ice scrapersThe Northeast is getting hit with their first big snow storm today. A perfect opportunity to think about ice scrapers for your next advertising promotion. They’re essential tools to survive the winter. Most people won’t think twice about grabbing a free ice scraper even if it’s not winter. No one wants to get caught in an icy situation without one. Promotional ice scrapers make great ad specialties items. They are inexpensive and practical.

Featured in today’s blog is the stronger than ever Heavy Duty Ice Scraper. It … Continue Reading

The Answer to your Promotional Puzzle!

Garrett Specialties Puzzle PenNew to the Fun Pens category: the Puzzle Pen!

Any promotional item that involves some kind of puzzle is metaphoric to business solutions, connections, networks, achievement, merger or affiliation. Social interactions like these are imperative to all businesses to achieve success and promotion.

A different message can be printed on each piece. Use slogans such as “Solving life’s puzzles”, “Making connections”, “Bringing the pieces together”, or “No problem left unsolved”. Each part interlocks creating several different formations. Intriguing for hours, it’s hard to put the puzzle pen … Continue Reading

Recession Release with Stress Balls

Custom Pressure Reliever
Stress levels are high these days for many reasons. In order to make it through hard times it is important to have a clear mind. Promotional Stress Balls along with the following 5 useful tips can help relieve the pressure.

Grasp a financial stress relief ball and be reminded to save some cash. Make sure to have a reserve cash account for emergencies only. When business is slow, expect the unexpected. Having extra money on the side provides a cushion for that “just in case” situation.
Create a plan with … Continue Reading

Barack Obama Calendar

Barack Obama Aftican-American Heritage Calendar “At this moment of great challenge and great change, renewing the promise of America begins with renewing the idea that in America, we rise or fall as one nation and one people,” – President-elect, Barack Obama.

Mark your African-American Heritage Barack Obama Calendar. Inauguration day is January 20th, a federal holiday in D.C. and possibly day off for school kids in Baltimore. Its historic significance has peaked the interest of many Americans. Tickets to the event, that are supposed to be free, are selling online for thousands.

This … Continue Reading

Consumer Confidence Report

Garrett Specialties Promotional Products

Especially with struggling economy and low consumer confidence it is important find effective marketing solutions. Promotional products are proven to increase sales and consumer confidence. Corporate gift-giving is the best way to personally connect with your customers. Advertising products are items of remembrance and consumers are more inclined to by from companies they receive promos from.

Click on for over 5,000 useful and unique promotional products at the lowest possible price.

The following is a consumer confidence report released by the Advertising … Continue Reading