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Promotional Pens – we love’em!

It’s a fact; people love receiving free promotional pens.

Most people keep a large collection in their desk, what I like to call a “just in case” pile, of their favorite pens, highlighters, pencils and markers. I personally make sure I have one in my car, in my handbag, in the kitchen, bedroom, and at my desk because it can be so frustrating if you need one and can’t find one. The need for writing instruments will never die because writing something down is still the fastest, easiest, and … Continue Reading

I Voted and I Post-It!

I voted today and I’m proud of it. I hope you did too! But I didn’t get my “I Voted” sticker! It’s very disappointing because I was looking forward to walking out of the polling place sporting my sticker on my jacket.

So when I came back to my desk I saw my Post-It Note Dispenser and I came up with a way to make my own. It took a couple of tries but luckily the dispenser holds a pack of 50 3 x 3 post-it notes.

I admit this is the most unique … Continue Reading

Promotional Stress Relievers for Today’s Economy

The 2008 Annual Stress in America Survey conducted by the American Psychological Association stated that the “declining state of the Nation’s economy is taking a physical and emotional toll on people nationwide”.

That is probably no news to you but since we are all feeling the weight of the economy we need economical and creative marketing solutions.

Stress balls are great promotional products for today’s economy. They are inexpensive and come in a large variety of different shapes, colors, and sizes. There is a unique stress ball for any company in any industry.

They … Continue Reading

Swaddle up Sales with Fleece!

High winds, rain, and in some cases even snow hit the Northeast down into the Southeast yesterday. In some areas it has been recorded to be the coldest October. It looks like winter could be coming early this year. So, today’s blog features promotional wearables and gifts to bring a little warmth to your clients.

Swaddle up sales with the Fleece Throw Blanket. It is a large soft plush blanket available in many corporate colors. Recipients can keep them near their desk for those chilly days in the office or at home as … Continue Reading

Bendeez – Stess Relievers with a Twist!

The Bendeez Stick and Bendeez Pen will get you through stressful days with ease! Once you pick it up you will find it hard to put down. They are excellent unconventional stress relievers. Bend them into any shape imaginable.

A great way to appeal to trade show traffic is to use the Bendeez Sticks to decorate your booth. Imagine bending them into swirly shapes and hanging them like party streamers. Make sure every visitor takes one.

Use the Bendeez Pen for direct mail campaigns. They are great promotional products for themes of change … Continue Reading

Direct “Lumpy” Mail: Mini Trash Cans

The biggest advantage of working with direct mail is that you are able to target a particular market. You are able to choose specific companies that you want to do business with.

So you’ve pin pointed your target market but how do you get them to open your mail instead of throwing it into the junk pile? To increase your direct mail open rate, make it lumpy. Make it bulky and fat so that the client is curious as to what’s inside.

The Mini Trash Can is the perfect “Lumpy Mail” piece. Encourage people … Continue Reading

Promotional Products Under $1.00!

Promotional products are one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your business. They increase brand recognition and encourage new or returning customers to buy your products.

Garrett Specialties offers the lowest pricing on marketing items including a wide selection of Products Under $1.00! There are over 900 budget-friendly advertising solutions available under one dollar each for minimum quantity orders and above.

Looking for a custom product for your next sales meeting, networking event, trade show, corporate function, direct mail campaign, or charity … Continue Reading

Tins with Sweets! New Holiday Promotional Gifts!

Thinking about what to give this Holiday Season? Well, we have just added two new Food Gifts to our product gallery. The Tin with Candy Canes and the Canister with Hershey Kisses!

The importance of Holiday Gifts is not only to send holiday greetings but also to thank your clients for their business. At the same time, it is another opportunity to promote and advertise. Good gifts are items that bring about remembrance and encourage future business with your company.

The Tin with … Continue Reading

Perpetual Promotions: Date Finder Calculator Calendar

Days come and go faster each year and our lives get busier every minute. Planning and scheduling are important parts of our daily lives. Calendars are useful tools in every profession where organization is key to success. Promotional calendars are effective marketing tools in our fast paced society.

Featured in today’s blog are the Date Finder Calculator and a few unique Perpetual Calendars. They are everyday advertising specialties that never expire.

The Date Finder Calculator is a functional tool for future planning. Its clean white face has a large imprint area for your … Continue Reading

Jump-start the Holiday Season

An article in USA Today reported the strategies large retailers have developed to manage the affects of today’s market on holiday shopping. No matter what kind of business you are in, big or small, product or service, you can use similar strategies along with the use of promotional products to boost consumer spending. Whether holiday shoppers affect your business or not, you can apply these strategies.

The recent letdown by the economy has made holiday shoppers think more about their spending habits. There … Continue Reading