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Calendars and why they still make great promotions.

Promotional Calendars have Staying Power

Promotional Calendars have Staying Power

Do people still buy and use calendars? The answer is yes! In fact 52% of recipients keep them at home and 42% keep them in the office. Maybe they hang it in them kitchen, garage, home office or near the door. At work by the desk or in the lounge area. Where ever they may be they are highly visible.

We like calendars for many reasons. It may not compare to your technology but … Continue Reading

“Like” to Win a FREE Nikon COOLPIX(R) p7100 Camera from Garrett Specialties

(Updated July 16, 2012)

CONGRATULATIONS to April S. of Nebraska for winning the Garrett Specialties Nikon COOLPIX(r) p7100 Sweepstakes. The sweepstakes ended June 30, 2012. The winner was chosen and notified on July 7, 2012. We are no longer accepting entries. Thank you to all who have participated.

Garrett Specialties is offering an Online Sweepstakes when visitors “Like” Garrett Specialties on Facebook, administered via a Facebook application.  No purchase is necessary nor does a purchase increase your chances. Each individual may only enter the contest once. Visitors who “Like” our page will have to fill … Continue Reading

Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Several companies are celebrating Earth Day this year. What will your company do on Earth Day? The first Earth Day was April 22, 1970 and since then it has become a mainstream event. Across the globe people and businesses are making a difference by supporting and participating in practices to protect the environment.

Here are some ways you can celebrate Earth Day while engaging your customers and clients.

Encourage people to re-use. Hand-out eco friendly tote bags. Customers can use them while shopping. … Continue Reading

Myths About Choosing Eco Friendly Gifts

Earth Friendly Gifts

Earth Friendly Gifts

Most people are aware that there is a need to conserve resources and reduce waste to try to preserve our beautiful Earth. But awareness does not necessarliy increase responsibility. We tend to complicate the matter and begin to believe in the following myths. You can reverse your clients thinking by promoting your brand with Earth Friendly items. Lead by example and do your part. Remember Earth Day is April 22nd.

#1: I’m only one person/company it won’t … Continue Reading

How your employees can help increase brand loyalty.

Employee Appreciation Gifts

Employee Appreciation Gifts

Your employees are an integral part to your organization. Their performance directly effects your successful business. So, the optimal goal is to motivate employees so that you impress and please your customers and as a result increase brand loyalty.

In this post we will take a look at how to achieve these three things:

Motivate your employees.
Impress your customers.
Increase brand loyalty.

Motivate Employees
Incentives, incentives, incentives. This is the key to happy employees. They will feel more valued and they will increase their efficiency and productivity. … Continue Reading

6 Piece Interlocking Puzzle in Seattle Bride

6 Piece Interlocking Puzzle in Seattle Bride

The 6 Piece Interlocking Puzzle has many promotional uses. The image above shows how one of our clients used these puzzles for their wedding! See the excerpt from Seattle Bride below!

“Both the bride and the groom were very analytical, and they found these online for their August 2010 wedding. They had them made with their wedding colors and added the name and date on the puzzle pieces. Besides being a cute takeaway, … Continue Reading

Upcoming Advertising Trends: 2012

Upcoming Advertising Trends: 2012. With the new year in full effect it’s a good time to see which advertising and promotional trends we should watch in the future. Here are a few to tickle your ideas.

Social Media: I know what your are thinking “Duh!”, yes but the question is always “How can I be better at it?”. One well known and effective way is to create a list of posts, then send them out one at a time on a set schedule. But the other issue is finding “followers” and … Continue Reading

Business Tips for Holiday Gift Giving

Here are 5 simple tips to help your business with holiday giveaways.

#1 – Build strong relationships.

Improving your client relationships is the number one reason to give during the holidays. Your client will remember the gift and appreciate it. In turn, the likely hood of them coming back to you for business will increase.

#2 – It’s never too late.

Rush imprinting services will make sure your holiday items are printed and shipped within a reasonable amount of time. Don’t let time get in your way. We can help you find the … Continue Reading

Win them over with Tech Gifts

Technology Gifts

Technology Gifts

The season for corporate gift giving is here and we’ve found the best way to win over your most important clients. Supported by research conducted by ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute), those who receive high tech gifts will keep them for over eight months. That is much longer than something editable or disposable. Tech gifts imprinted with you logo and marketing message keeps your company brand visible and in mind.

Here are a few tech promotions that you may want … Continue Reading

Improve Employee Motivation with Holiday Gifts

photo by paulidin

photo by paulidin

Counselor magazine, a leading source for the promotional product industry, released results from a new survey. Counselor focuses on helping businesses increase employee morale. The survey concluded that giving gifts to your employees will increase motivation and productivity. 75% of the employees surveyed responded that receiving gifts boosted their morale. 60% said the gesture alone made them like their companies more. 33% said that the gift gave them the extra drive to be more productive.

The survey also found that when you give holiday … Continue Reading