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Press-N-Stick Calendars

Press-N-Stick Calendars
Press-N-Stick Calendars are a hot promotion for this time of year. They are inexpensive and get your message across 365 days out of the year. Promote your company year ’round for just pennies a day.

Stick-on calendars come in a variety of shapes and colors and are suitable for any business. We recommend placing them in areas where they will be highly visible. Some of the best places to stick up your promotional calendars are on refrigerators, water coolers, file cabinets, bulletin boards, and other communal areas.

Press-N-Stick calendars are convenient giveaways. They are … Continue Reading

Halloween Bounce Pen

Halloween Bounce Flashing Pen
Trick or Treat? Don’t we always go for the treat? Well, treats don’t always have to be sweet as in candy <. The Halloween Bounce Pen is a great giveaway alternative. Hit it! Tap it! Slam it! Watch it light-up with every bounce.

Imprinted on the barrel with your logo or message. It will be a message that will stick around much longer then one that’s on a candy wrapper.


Chip Shotz Golfer – Desk Toy

Chip Shotz GolferReduced pricing only at, the Chip Shotz Golfer office toy. Shoot a round on your desktop! Magnetic balls stick to the green and moveable hole. You control the swing! See video below. Individual or group play.

Break up the monotony of your day with the chip shotz golfer. If you’d rather be golfing, this is the desk-top game for you. Keep your hands busy while on hold. Play a game with office mates and bring some excitement into the office.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Silly Bandz and Exam Card
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Show your support with these promotional ideas. Consumers will be more interested in your product or service when you support a cause. Supporting a cause is creditable and compassionate. Several companies have already started their pink campaigns. Maybe one of these ideas can help get you started.

Have a Pink Day! Choose a day where all employees where pink and use pink products. A splash of pink will help raise awareness and encourage charitable donations. You’ll grasp attention from customers and other … Continue Reading

Top Uses for USB Flash Drives

Promotional USB Flash DrivesUSB flash drives have become a necessity in today’s digital age. There are so many reasons to carry a flash drive while traveling or on a daily basis. Here are a few that I put together.

Important Files and Documents

USB drives conveniently hold all your valuable documents for business or travel. It is now very easy to transport files with usb drives. They are a great place to keep an extra copy of your itinerary and travel documents too.

Back-ups and Recovery

God forbid that you have a horrible computer crash while on the … Continue Reading

User Friendly Web Site Changes

User Friendly Web Site Changes at
Stop by and take a look at some of the recent site changes we’ve made. We’ve made two major adjustments on the home page and category pages. Click on and let us know what you think!

First, on the home page we strategically moved things around for your benefit. We have updated our homepage without compromising creativity. In fact, we have added to the site’s artistic corporate design with several new elements. We want you to find the promotional giveaways you need fast and easy. The featured product … Continue Reading

Start Selecting Your Holiday Promotions!

August is not to Early to Start thinking about the Holidays!While personal preparations for the holidays may be a ways off, August is a good time for marketers to start preparing for the season. Believe it or not, consumers start to think about the holidays as early as September. But you really see a peak in interest by the first week of November. If that is the same time you start gathering your advertising ideas you’re going to drop the ball.

Start preparing your campaigns by analyzing your customers. Make decisions on who you want to reach and … Continue Reading

Ideas That Stick

Post-it Sticky Notes Billboard - Ideas That Stick Campaign
Make your promotions stick with imprinted Note Cubes and Sticky Notes from Garrett Specialties!

Check out this artistic billboard idea I came across:

Celebrating ‘Ideas That Stick,’ Television star Angela Kinsey partners with post-it brand and publicolor to unveil world’s largest Artistic billboard MADE OF post-it Super Sticky Notes.

From August 3-6, Post-it Brand from 3M and not-for-profit organization Publicolor, revealed the winning artwork selected from their national student design contest in a big way – on the world’s largest artistic billboard made of multi-colored Post-it Super Sticky Notes in Grand … Continue Reading

Promo Gifts for On-the-Go!

Glacier Double Wall Acrylic Tumbler, Sunblock Pocket Pack SPF30, Personal Lunch Tote

Glacier Double Wall Acrylic Tumbler
A fun promotion that looks just like a to-go cup!
Glacier Double Wall Acrylic Tumbler with straw. Acrylic to-go plastic drink-ware. Double wall insulated! Complete with a straw. The perfect promotion for restaurants, beverage companies, outdoor events, and so much more.

Sunblock Pocket Pack SPF30
Maximize your brand exposure without getting burned!
The perfect giveaway for any outdoor event, our SPF-30 Sunblock Lotion Pocket Pack offers maximum protection for minimum cost, and allows up to a 4-color process imprint to maximize the effect of your message!

Personal … Continue Reading

Best Friends: Marketing with Pet Promotions

RudeeOne thing you may share with your clients is the love for pets. They really are man’s best friend. Who else can offer unconditional love. It’s a fact that pet owners are happier and live longer!

That’s why I’ve dedicated this post to Pet Accessories. They offer so many opportunities to connect with your clients. Pet-related promotions can be used by receivers on a daily basis while exposing and strengthening your brand. People love to talk about their pets. It’s a great way to break the ice. Use imprinted pet promos at events, trade shows, and daily giveaways. … Continue Reading