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Growing Promotions!

Promotions That Grow - Plants and Potpourri
With Earth Day approaching on April 22nd and spring in the air it’s a perfect time for promotions that grow.

Here are some environmentally friendly garden ideas:

“Grow with us!” The Seed Plantable Planet expresses unity, change, growth, Earth, and hope. As a direct mailer, or handout it weights little and won’t take up too much room. Forget Me Not seeds are inside, watch it cultivate into a flowering plant. Plant this beautiful gift into the hands of your clients and watch their smiles grow.

Customize the Lucky Bamboo Plant to symbolize endurance and camaraderie through this difficult economic downturn. Use this bamboo gift to represent hope to your clients and associates. It’s easy to maintain; just add water and watch it grow on your desk, even in artificial light.

Grow Cup Earth Plant Kit would be a perfect gift for Teacher Appreciation week, May 3rd through May 8th. The cup is recyclable and the green shoes are optional. Choose your seeds: daisy, forget-me-not, marigold, or zinnia. Brighten up a room with this cute eco-friendly gift while promoting your business.

More promotional plant gifts are available as gifts for gardeners, offices, plant nursery promos or your next advertisement.