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Direct Mail, a top choice for young marketers.

Direct Mail is a widely used advertising media even in today's digital age.

Direct Mail is a widely used advertising media even in today’s digital age.

A recent survey by Pitney Bowes concluded that marketers under the age of 35 are more likely to use promotional mailers than other marketing groups. This information is from 500 completed surveys.

Marketers tend to use multiple channels such as email marketing, social media, and mobile marketing verses a single channel. However the two most widely used are email marketing and direct mail.

Some conclusions … Continue Reading

Tips To Increase Sales and Gain New Leads

Make an impression to get new sales leads with giveaways!So what is the best way to get new business? Word of mouth has proven to be the most effective way. However, most sales people neglect to ask for them. Target clients that are already “sold” on your concept, service or products through referrals.

Make strong impressions on your existing clients so that they have a reason to refer you. Plan to make asking for referrals part of your sales and marketing operation. Then reinforce your brand with a promotional giveaway.

Direct mailers will also increase sales. Targeted mail can … Continue Reading

UPS Direct to Door Pak: Branding Concepts

UPS Direct To Door Pak New Branding ConceptUPS has recently launched a promotional sampling program in a few select cities: Chicago, Dallas, Miami, and Washington. The promotion is being tested in select zip codes.

A custom designed UPS Direct to Door Pak will be sent in addition to normal deliveries. It’s like getting an unexpected gift with your delivery, a great way to reach an already active customer.

Focus group results showed that people are too overwhelmed by direct mail to notice them. This method of direct delivery created a more personal experience. Receivers were more excited and comfortable … Continue Reading

Direct Mail Marketing Wedding Crashers

Direct Mail Marketing Crashes Weddings
Wedding Direct is a program that was launched by Israel’s Ha’Poalim Mortgage Bank and WPP’s MediaCom. They sent wedding crashers to hundreds of weddings to give out a personal gift. These gifts didn’t contain what a bride and groom would normally receive such as checks and cash. Instead it was an Ikea gift voucher, and an invitation to meet and discuss the bank’s new special mortgage package for newlyweds.

I’m sure every envelope was opened since newly weds are eager to receive gifts. However it was a risky effort and may be seen as … Continue Reading

Garnier Pure Pen Punch Out Ticket Idea

Garnier Pure Pen Punch Out Ticket Promotion
Here is a creative marketing campaign that was targeted towards college students. The product is the Garnier Pure Pen that removes blemishes and pimples quick, easy and on the go. A model’s face was printed on the back of bus tickets along the college bus routes. As the tickets were punched it created a “blemish” on the model’s face. The message: Garnier Pure – Zap blemishes away! Agency: Publicis Mumbai, India.

Rectangle Punch Out Key Chain CardLooking to get the attention of your customers? You don’t have … Continue Reading

Stay Connected! (Featured Item – Credit Card Mints)

Credit Card Mints
Make sure your client’s are happy with your products and services. Check-up on them and stay connected. Networking can be one of the most beneficial activities for your business.

Always follow-up with customers that you already have. Make sure they know you are there to provide continued services and goods. If you continue to remind your client’s, friends and associates about your business you will increase sales. Also, you want to keep them updated on what’s new and find out what their needs are.

Promotional products increase your brand awareness and show appreciation. You are guaranteed to … Continue Reading

Can direct mail compete with digital marketing media?

Promotional MailersYes. Promotional mailers have significant advantages over digital marketing.

Return on investment from promotional mail is quantifiable, a major factor out weighting the low cost of digital communications marketing. Also, based on household demographic information, promotional mail can be easily targeted to a specific audience.

Targeted mail is personal and encourages interaction. This is where business can integrate the use of digital marketing and attract consumers to the web. Included web addresses, email information, online survey’s, or promotion codes are some of the many tactics used in direct mail to connect customers to businesses online.

Also, … Continue Reading

The Answer to your Promotional Puzzle!

Garrett Specialties Puzzle PenNew to the Fun Pens category: the Puzzle Pen!

Any promotional item that involves some kind of puzzle is metaphoric to business solutions, connections, networks, achievement, merger or affiliation. Social interactions like these are imperative to all businesses to achieve success and promotion.

A different message can be printed on each piece. Use slogans such as “Solving life’s puzzles”, “Making connections”, “Bringing the pieces together”, or “No problem left unsolved”. Each part interlocks creating several different formations. Intriguing for hours, it’s hard to put the puzzle pen down. It’s a … Continue Reading

Tips to Lure Holiday Shoppers

Holiday shoppers this season will be frugal. The biggest drop in retail sales on record was last month and expectations for the rest of the season are glum. Shoppers are cutting down on spending and shopping on premeditated budgets. These are definite signs of a recession.

So here are a few tips to attract consumers.

Make your product or service more affordable by cutting the luxuries. Stock items that cost less and sell for less. Customers are making buying decisions based on price, so cut them where possible … Continue Reading

Bendeez – Stess Relievers with a Twist!

The Bendeez Stick and Bendeez Pen will get you through stressful days with ease! Once you pick it up you will find it hard to put down. They are excellent unconventional stress relievers. Bend them into any shape imaginable.

A great way to appeal to trade show traffic is to use the Bendeez Sticks to decorate your booth. Imagine bending them into swirly shapes and hanging them like party streamers. Make sure every visitor takes one.

Use the Bendeez Pen for direct mail campaigns. They are great promotional products for themes of change … Continue Reading