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1 Touch Smart Phone Stand

The perfect one touch smart phone stand.  Snap Back Z turns any smart phone into an instant desktop style screen. This innovative product is light weight and sure to catch lots of attention.

Snap-Back Z

One Touch Smart Phone Stand

The silicone material is durable and allows for great imprint quality of your logo. High quality removable 3M Tape. Help your employees and clients keep in touch on the go! Back SnapZ. makes it the perfect traveling desk accessory. Never miss another phone call or text message and … Continue Reading

Calendars Make great promotions.

Promotional Calendars have Staying Power

Promotional Calendars have Staying Power

Do people still buy and use calendars? The answer is yes! In fact 52% of recipients keep them at home and 42% keep them in the office. Maybe they hang it in them kitchen, garage, home office or near the door. At work by the desk or in the lounge area. Where ever they may be they are highly visible.

We like calendars for many reasons. It may not compare to your technology but calendars are still … Continue Reading

Chip Shotz Golfer – Desk Toy

Chip Shotz GolferReduced pricing only at, the Chip Shotz Golfer office toy. Shoot a round on your desktop! Magnetic balls stick to the green and moveable hole. You control the swing! See video below. Individual or group play.

Break up the monotony of your day with the chip shotz golfer. If you’d rather be golfing, this is the desk-top game for you. Keep your hands busy while on hold. Play a game with office mates and bring some excitement into the office.

Top Uses for USB Flash Drives

Promotional USB Flash DrivesUSB flash drives have become a necessity in today’s digital age. There are so many reasons to carry a flash drive while traveling or on a daily basis. Here are a few that I put together.

Important Files and Documents

USB drives conveniently hold all your valuable documents for business or travel. It is now very easy to transport files with usb drives. They are a great place to keep an extra copy of your itinerary and travel documents too.

Back-ups and Recovery

God forbid that you have a horrible computer crash while on the road. Use … Continue Reading

Ideas That Stick

Post-it Sticky Notes Billboard - Ideas That Stick Campaign
Make your promotions stick with imprinted Note Cubes and Sticky Notes from Garrett Specialties!

Check out this artistic billboard idea I came across:
Celebrating ‘Ideas That Stick,’ Television star Angela Kinsey partners with post-it brand and publicolor to unveil world’s largest Artistic billboard MADE OF post-it Super Sticky Notes.

From August 3-6, Post-it Brand from 3M and not-for-profit organization Publicolor, revealed the winning artwork selected from their national student design contest in a big way – on the world’s largest artistic billboard made of multi-colored Post-it Super Sticky Notes in Grand … Continue Reading

Promotional Flexi-Vase

Flexi-VaseOh spring is so near and after such a bitter winter we could all use some colorful cheer! Check out the new Flexi-Vase! It’s a flower vase that folds flat. It folds completely flat so that you can use it as a promotional mailer. Flexi vase is made from flexible and shatter proof PVC.

Spring up your promotions. Brighten up the office. Here is something different to help your brand bloom. Use this flourishing promotion for these upcoming events:
Nurse Appreciation Week, MS Awareness Month, Mother’s Day, Stress Awareness Month, Clean Air Month, Teacher Appreciation Week, Memorial Day, … Continue Reading

Note Cube Promotes a Solution for Thinning Hair

Custom Desktop Note Cube Promotes Solution for Hair Loss
Is your hair getting thinner? These cubed memo notepads remind clients of how gradual hair loss can be easily neglected. Each torn sheet illustrates how hair becomes thinner and thinner. Pantogar hair revitalizer and JWT Hong Kong cleverly used the custom note cubes to increase brand awareness. Potential customers are reminded to address the problem before it’s too late.

Use imprinted sticky notes and memo cubes to create an unforgettable message!

Caution: Brings a Smile with Use

Boogie BotThe Boogie Bot is one of our top sellers. Boogie Bot is a moving, grooving wind-up figurine with serious moves! Excellent side-to-side mobility with good hip action, swinging arms and a rotating belly! Caution: Brings a smile with use. May cause your feet to itch for the dance floor. Available colors: Blue, Red, and Silver. Print disc on belly available in blue, silver, red, and white. As low as $1.99

This is a great desktop toy that will brighten up their day. Use as announcement for a new product. Break the ice at your next Trade Show. … Continue Reading

Eww! Is that Someone’s Dirty Mug?

Dirty Mug & Someone's Cup Imprinted DrinkwarePersonally, I’ve never experienced this, but it must be an issue for some people. Has anyone ever taken your mug or cup right off your desk?

Urban Outfitters carries a “dirty mug”. This imprinted mug only appears to be soiled and lipstick stained. And that glass, it must be someone’s cup. No one will want to drink from your glass or mug again. Actually, you might not want to drink from it either. It could take some getting used to. At least you’ll always know which cup is yours.

Check out a variety … Continue Reading