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New Giveaways that Sticks

So you created a new product, but you need a promotional giveaway that sticks. Being remembered and put your customer on notice that they are about to have some great laughs. Wall Walkers Toss it on a wall, window or hard surface and watch it tumble down! The sticky feet alternately cling and release, so it “walks” down the wall. No one is looking launch this sticky toy trough the air, hey try the winders or walls of your office where they cling and will start tumbling downwards until it pops off. I remember something similar when I was a kid that came in cereal boxes. My parents couldn’t understand the fascination with throwing something against the wall and watching it slowly roll down. Playing with this toy distracts your mind making it a great stress relief. Bringing back childhood memories is also great fun.

Are you launching a new product? Would you hand out the Sticky wall Walkers?