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Ideas for Trade Shows

Ideas for Trade Shows, Events, Meetings and Expos from Garrett Specialties

Looking for a great idea for your next Trade Show, Event, Meeting or Expo? Use business gifts and giveaways to represent your brand. They will help keep the idea of your company in each and every attendee’s mind. Check out these hot promotional ideas.

The Tahoe Double Wall Tumbler is a great giveaway. What we love the most about this cup is the … Continue Reading

Promotional Products and Political Campaigns

Political Giveaways from Garrett Specialties

Promotional products have always had a significant role in electoral campaigns. Billions of dollars are spent on political marketing materials. Promotional products spread political messages across many platforms. For example, during a political TV commercial you will see supporters waiving flags and banners. Also you will see drivers show support with political bumper stickers. Campaign t-shirts, caps, hats, buttons and bags are sported all over the country. These types of imprinted campaigning products are seen by many and in return spread … Continue Reading

Eye Catching Color Tangerine Tango

Tangerine Tango Orange product colors from Garrett Specialties

This year, the Pantone Color Institute released that the color of the year is “Tangerine Tango”. It’s a shade of bright reddish orange. You’ve already seen it trending in the fashion world. It’s bright, friendly and eye catching. It gives off a sense of energy and joy and it’s highly visible.

Orange is becoming more popular with designers and consumers. So we have selected a few orange items to add some tang to your … Continue Reading

Upcoming Advertising Trends: 2012

Upcoming Advertising Trends: 2012. With the new year in full effect it’s a good time to see which advertising and promotional trends we should watch in the future. Here are a few to tickle your ideas.

Social Media: I know what your are thinking “Duh!”, yes but the question is always “How can I be better at it?”. One well known and effective way is to create a list of posts, then send them out one at a time on a set schedule. … Continue Reading

Silly Bandz! The Hottest Craze!

Silly Bandz - Rubber Band BraceletsSimple, colorful and fun! Silly Bandz are all the rage! Kids everywhere аrе going wild over Silly Bandz!! Thеѕе colorful Rubber Bands аrе mаԁе οf silicone аnԁ die molded іn many different fun shapes. On уουr wrist, thеу look Ɩіkе regular bracelets. Whеn уου remove thеm, thеу twist back іntο shape. Sets available are: dental, farm animals, dinosaurs, fruit, insects, music, sea animals, transportation, Christmas, Halloween glow in the dark.

Whаt ԁο thеу ԁο wіth thе bracelets? Sοmе kids play a game wіth thеm: If уου guess thе shape correctly, thеn thе owner … Continue Reading