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Ideas for Trade Shows

Looking for a great idea for your next Trade Show, Event, Meeting or Expo? Use business gifts and giveaways to represent your brand. They will help keep the idea of your company in each and every attendee’s mind. Check out these hot promotional ideas.

The Tahoe Double Wall Tumbler is a great giveaway. What we love the most about this cup is the bendable straw and snap closure; it keeps the straw tip clean and out of the way. It fits in most cup holders and has a unique dome top shape. The Tahoe Tumbler is the perfect promotion for any … Continue Reading

Collapsible Re-usable Water Bottles

Check out the new H2O 2 Go Reusable Collapsible Water Bottle.

Carry it in your purse, bag, or glove compartment while you travel. When not in use it can be folded, rolled or flattened for stow. Or use the attached carabiner clip to clasp it on to belt loops and backpacks.

This re-usable water bottle is so convenient. Especially for travelers! It features a removable cap to refill and clean, can be washed in the dishwasher top rack and is freezer safe. Mark your name on the white label area. Order it with your logo printed right on the front.

It’s also eco-friendly … Continue Reading

Freeze Your Promotions!

A major portion of the US has already gotten slammed with winter weather this week. And old man winter has only begun to show his face. Some of us will enjoy the glistening white landscapes this holiday season. Others dread the work and energy involved while clearing snow and ice.

Take advantage of old man winter with your next promotion. Most ice scrapers provide a large and clear imprint area. Display your logo proudly on a useful snow brush. With each snow fall comes a new opportunity for that snow scraper to increase awareness of your brand. A useful promotion that … Continue Reading

Million Dollar Giveaway: Promo Note Pads

Trade show vendors try several different tactics to lure visitors to their booth. The Chicago based women’s fashion wholesaler, Funky Junque, found it hard to compete with other vendors dishing out gourmet treats like real crab meat. These types of treats can get pretty pricey.

So, instead they used low-cost promotion product giveaways and found them to be very effective. They gave out promotional note pads at the Children’s Club trade show at the Javits Center in New York. They chose notepads because they knew that their retailers use them all the time. But what made them interesting and enticing where … Continue Reading

Caution: Brings a Smile with Use

The Boogie Bot is one of our top sellers. Boogie Bot is a moving, grooving wind-up figurine with serious moves! Excellent side-to-side mobility with good hip action, swinging arms and a rotating belly! Caution: Brings a smile with use. May cause your feet to itch for the dance floor. Available colors: Blue, Red, and Silver. Print disc on belly available in blue, silver, red, and white. As low as $1.99

This is a great desktop toy that will brighten up their day. Use as announcement for a new product. Break the ice at your next Trade Show. Boogie Woogie with this … Continue Reading

New Fully Insulated Grocery Bag!

The new fully Insulated Grocery Bag is made to carry hot or cold/frozen foods. What I love about these bags is that they carry more than your average plastic shopping bag. To top it off, this one is insulated. So, I feel free to run my errands even if I have to leave my groceries in the car. I know that my ice cream won’t melt. It is great for when I pick-up take out after work too; my dinner will stay warm until I bring it to the table!

Reusable bags carry many benefits. Many grocery stores across the U.S. … Continue Reading

Bag Refrigerator Clips

Garrett Specialties has created a whole new category just for Bag Clips under Home & Garden. Promotional Bag Clips are constructive advertisers that are so versatile. Because don’t forget, you can add a magnetic backing to any of these Bag Clips and voilà, you now have a Memo Clip Refrigerator Magnet. They’re the perfect Logo Kitchen Gifts.

Use Bag Clips for Pet Promotions receivers can use them to seal pet food. Digital 4 inch and 6 inch Bag Clips are now available for your full color imprint. The Eco-Friendly Keep-it Clip is available in eco colors for your “Green” initiatives. Grip … Continue Reading

Candy Company Trade Show Advertisement

Hanging from the doors of hotel guests attending the All Candy Expo in Chicago were these creative door hangers. One of the sponsors for the trade show was the candy company, Just Born. They advertised their products on these beautiful “do not disturb” signs with the catchy tag line “Don’t make a peep.”

I wonder if guest found any candy gifts in their rooms.

Wash Your Hands With Soap

Swine flu or not, the best way to prevent the spread of disease causing germs is to wash your hands. To reduce bacteria in hands it is recommended to wash for at least 20 seconds with soap.

Soap Leaves are a great promotion giveaway. Do your part to educate and protect others from sickening germs.

Unscented Glycerin Soap is the perfect item to leave behind in a care package or to include with other hand care products.

When water is not available use Antibacterial Healthcare Products such as hand sanitizers. Antibacterial pens such as the PaperMate FlexGrip Elite are enhanced with “ShareGuard” anti-bacterial … Continue Reading

Stuffed Animals Proven to Relieve Stress!

Promotional stuffed animals while increasing brand awareness are proven to relieve stress.

Israeli researchers conducted a study involving children who experienced traumatic stress during war times. Results were published in Pediatrics, January 2008. Small children were given stuffed animals with long legs. They were told that the stuffed toys were sad because they had no one to care for them. The kids cuddled with the stuffed animals and cared for them by wrapping its long legs around their bodies.

After three weeks the children who had grown an attachment to their stuffed critters had decreased or diminished stress levels.

Many service industries use … Continue Reading