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Pantone Color of the Year

Pantone created the Pantone Matching System (PMS). PMS colors are very important to the promotional product community. PMS is a matching system used throughout the entire industry to accurately match colors. For example, your logo may have a specific PMS color. That PMS color has a number, when you place your order to have your logo imprinted on a promo product we will use that PMS number to match your logo color as close as humanly possible.

Every year Pantone selects a color of the year. This year the color is Emerald. We think it is a beautiful choice. Emerald hues … Continue Reading

Unique Ways to Find New Customers

It seems that with the growth of the digital age and social media, competition is tougher than ever before. There are  many ways to connect with new potential customers. So we have come up with a few new and unique ways for you to find your new clients.

One way is to connect with people personally before you employ any other marketing strategies. In others words, host events and communicate with new clients on a personal level. You can truly make a lasting impression with face to face contact. Then with the aid of promotional gifts you can extend that relationship … Continue Reading

How a brand evolves… Evolution of the G Series

Watch this awesome video on the evolution of the Gatorade brand. The evolution of the G Series is a fast paced up beat short film that focuses on one 16-month period at a time.

It’s great inspiration on how to create and develop your brand. Your company identity begins with a great logo. A logo should be simple and recognizable. Logos should clearly convey a message about your brand. Your identity should represent your type of business and should be attractive to your target market.

Please visit the Garrett Specialties Resources page for advice and important information about evolving your company identity and image.

Super Fast Results! Promos

Create a situation where customers can instantly win! Choose a giveaway from Garrett Specialties!

Bring your company to the forefront with the power of promotional giveaways. It is so important to keep ahead and it is a challenge to create a buzz that reaches out across demographics through several platforms such as social media, the web and mobile devices. Promotional products create are a way to instantly gratify your customers and in turn help you drive traffic to your site while obtaining valuable data.

Create a situation where customers can instantly win a gift and/or a significant … Continue Reading

Don’t Forget To Ask For Referrals

One of the best ways to obtain new business is by asking for referrals. When you provide a great service or product your customers will be happy to refer you. But sometimes you made need to give them a little reminder.

Try using incentives that will help keep your company’s name on the top of their minds. Leave them something to remember you by. Or give them something that they might pass on to friends and colleges. For example, give out promotional pens by the handful. That way they will have enough to share. You can also give a promotional gift … Continue Reading

Braille Rubik’s Cube:

This braille cube puzzle adds another dimension to the classic promotional Rubik’s Cube puzzle. Not just for the blind. Like the Mood Dude™ Rubik’s Cube this classic toy is now more interesting and pleases everyone’s needs. The stark white squares and Braille embossed colors: green, blue, red, yellow, white and pink make you see and touch the Rubik’s cube like you never have before.

I’d like to use this product as an example of how to meet your customer’s needs. Give them complete satisfaction through awareness. Pay attention to what they want. Know who your audience is and remember their desires … Continue Reading

Rewards + Recognition = Happy Employees

Update your employee recognition and rewards programs regularly to keep employees engaged and excited about work. Use Appreciation Gifts to say thanks! A struggling economy has drastically changed business within the past two years. As a result many employees may feel under appreciated. Before you loose your top performers check out these key pointers courtesy of Successful Promotions magazine to fine-tune your recognition program.

Ask yourself these questions:

Are we rewarding the right behaviors? If your current mission is to fill the company pipeline with new prospects – but employees are being rewarded for cost-cutting measures – it ‘s time to overhaul … Continue Reading