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Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Several companies are celebrating Earth Day this year. What will your company do on Earth Day? The first Earth Day was April 22, 1970 and since then it has become a mainstream event. Across the globe people and businesses are making a difference by supporting and participating in practices to protect the environment.

Here are some ways you can celebrate Earth Day while engaging your customers and clients.

Encourage people to re-use. Hand-out eco friendly tote bags. Customers can use them while shopping. Re-usable mugs and water bottles work well for restaurants, concession stands, and events. They make great souvenirs.

Everybody loves something … Continue Reading

Myths About Eco Friendly Gifts

Earth Friendly Gifts

Earth Friendly Gifts

Most people are aware that there is a need to conserve resources and reduce waste to try to preserve our beautiful Earth. But awareness does not necessarily increase responsibility. We tend to complicate the matter and begin to believe in the following myths. You can reverse your clients thinking by promoting your brand with Earth Friendly items. Lead by example and do your part. Remember Earth Day is April 22nd.

#1: I’m only one person/company it won’t make a difference. That can’t be … Continue Reading

Help Turn Waste into Energy! Promote Earth Day!

A plant in Denmark burns household garbage 24 hours a day and converts it to heat and electricity. This has greatly reduced energy cost and reliance on gas and oil.

The U.S., however lacks such a clean and efficient waste conversion process. There are no new developments or plans for waste-to-energy plants. 54% of our garbage goes into landfills. Whereas 54% of the garbage in Europe is converted to energy. All of the garbage in our landfills is wasted energy.

This brings me to the significance of Earth Day and living Eco-Friendly, which should really be everyday! Earth Day started in 1969 … Continue Reading

Go Green and Get Ahead!

Impress your clients by showing them you are Going Green. Give your promotions a boost by conveying interest in the environment. At the same time increase awareness. Use your business as an example to encourage other businesses and your clients to make the right eco-friendly decisions.

Green Products increase eco awareness, promote your brand, and are useful fun promotional gifts! Earth Friendly giveaways support eco initiatives. They are either made from post-consumer recycled material, biodegradable products, and organic materials. They cater to your brand while decreasing harmful effects on the environment.

Many companies are getting ahead by going green. Take the Levi’s … Continue Reading

Going Green This Halloween!

Jazz up a normal Friday afternoon with a thrilling Halloween affair. It’s a great way to boost employee moral. Invite your clients and give them something to be excited about. Use as it as another opportunity to feed them your elevator pitch.

While you are at it increase Earth Awareness and make it an Eco-Green event! Here are some Earth Friendly Halloween promotions.

Create an enchanting mood with eco-friendly Votive Soy Candles. Imprint your company name on the votive and send them home with your guest.

What’s a Halloween party with out some treats? The Admints Box Candy is a sweet and affordable … Continue Reading

Learning To Truly Stand Out

You don’t have to have the lowest price to win the customer. It takes dedication to good customer service and the ability to provide pertinent information about your product or service.

In order to do that you need to talk to your customers. Ask them questions and learn about their needs. Ask questions that will start conversations and will allow you to gain the most information so that you can offer them a solution.

Then comes the thank you gift. We all know that it is crucial to send a thank you note or email. But to really stand out, send something … Continue Reading

Give Something, Get Something.

Give Something, Get Something. Make it easier for your customers to do what you ask by telling them what you will do for them if they accept your solution. For example ask, “How can I make this decision easier for you?” or “What would make this offer more attractive for you?”
You don’t want to offer a discount; in all likelihood, a lower price is probably not a primary need.
Show added values and make your offers more attractive. Give them something immediately, and you increase your chances of getting what you want.

Then to show appreciation for their business give a … Continue Reading

New Fully Insulated Grocery Bag!

The new fully Insulated Grocery Bag is made to carry hot or cold/frozen foods. What I love about these bags is that they carry more than your average plastic shopping bag. To top it off, this one is insulated. So, I feel free to run my errands even if I have to leave my groceries in the car. I know that my ice cream won’t melt. It is great for when I pick-up take out after work too; my dinner will stay warm until I bring it to the table!

Reusable bags carry many benefits. Many grocery stores across the U.S. … Continue Reading

Making the “Green” Effort 360 Vodka

The following Successful Promotions article is a great example of one company’s “Green” Effort using Earth Friendly items.

When you have a name like the Earth Friendly Distilling Company (EFDC), you’d better back it up.

To promote its 360 Vodka, the distiller believes it has done just that. Not only does EFDC donate $1 to environmental charities when a 360 Vodka swing-top closure is returned for recycling, but each of its 1.75 liter bottles comes with a reusable metal handle. The handle helps create a steady pour that reduces spillage and breakage. What’s more, the vodka is produced using machines that run … Continue Reading

Boomerangs for Social Awareness

These printed boomerangs are examples from a print advertising campaign launched by Greenpeace. Created by the same ad company that created the whimsical typography in a Nike advertisement we talked about in a previous post, DDB Paris, France.

Each has a different statement like “I could take the subway to work but my car is so much more comfortable.” or “I prefer to leave my computer on standby mode. Turning it on and off is too bad for it.” “Genetically modified foods are great. We can eat any kind of fruit all year long.” and “The environment is OK. The government … Continue Reading