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USB Car Charger

USB Car Charger

USB Car Charger

We’ve all been there! Your phone always dies at the worst time. Have you noticed that the more you use your phone the faster it dies? How about your tablet or laptop? A lot of people carry all three. Well now you can alleviate this problem for your consumers while promoting your business at the same time!
Be An Integral Part of Your Customer’s Everyday Life
Last year we decided to drive to our vacation destination. Halfway through our ride we had to find an electronics store to purchase a … Continue Reading

Talking Bananas: Cell Phone Holders

Banana Cell Phone Holder - by CellfoamI stumbled upon this banana cell phone holder by Cellfoam and just had to share it. Ever wanted a talking banana to handle your monkey business? If I ever spotted someone walking down the street talking through a banana it would sure catch my attention.

Check out this banana peel of a promotion to, it’s pretty clever. Hotel Promotion goes Green Bananas.

Mobile Phone Accessories

Now is one of the best times to use Imprinted Promotional Cell Phone Accessories. Especially those for Smartphones. It was reported today that the sale of Smartphones during the first half of this year had increased by 84% as compared to the same time last year. That means more people have access to the Internet and Email anytime and anywhere.

Cell Mate

So why not use something like the Cell Mate to promote your company and website. Oh, and of course you would have your phone number imprinted on it too.

This hot item uses … Continue Reading