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Calendars and why they still make great promotions.

Promotional Calendars have Staying Power

Promotional Calendars have Staying Power

Do people still buy and use calendars? The answer is yes! In fact 52% of recipients keep them at home and 42% keep them in the office. Maybe they hang it in them kitchen, garage, home office or near the door. At work by the desk or in the lounge area. Where ever they may be they are highly visible.

We like calendars for many reasons. It may not compare to your technology but … Continue Reading

A New Rudee’s Choice!

Rudee's Choice October 25, 2010

Hey, did you notice? Rudee’s Choice has a new look! See what’s behind the curtain here!

This week we have three great low priced products. See below:

Spectra JournalBook
Take note of this great promotional giveaway! These notebooks have a large clean imprint area. The perfect spot for your logo! Spectra Journal Book, 100 sheets of spiral bound lined paper. Elastic pen loop. Available in Blue, Clear, Gray, Orange and Red. (Pen Not Included)

Rounded Corners Calendar Magnet
Available with 4-color process! Promote 365 days a year! Build brand exposure with this low cost promotional calendar. Rounded … Continue Reading

Press-N-Stick Calendars

Press-N-Stick Calendars
Press-N-Stick Calendars are a hot promotion for this time of year. They are inexpensive and get your message across 365 days out of the year. Promote your company year ’round for just pennies a day.

Stick-on calendars come in a variety of shapes and colors and are suitable for any business. We recommend placing them in areas where they will be highly visible. Some of the best places to stick up your promotional calendars are on refrigerators, water coolers, file cabinets, bulletin boards, and other communal areas.

Press-N-Stick calendars are convenient giveaways. They are … Continue Reading

Save $25 on all Calendar Promotions!

Imprinted Calendar Sale Discounted
Get your logo noticed day in and day out with Promotional Calendars. Now on Special! Save $25 off each order of $250 on all calendar products. Just use coupon code CL25D0809 at checkout to save! Offer good until 8/31/09, may not combined offers.

Browse all 2010 Desktop Calendars and Planners now!

Whether you are looking for wall calendars, desk calendars, or business calendars, trust Garrett Specialties to provide you with 365 Day Visibility with Custom Imprinted Calendars & Planners. A promotional calendar serves as a point of reference viewed countless times a day. … Continue Reading

Barack Obama Calendar

Barack Obama Aftican-American Heritage Calendar “At this moment of great challenge and great change, renewing the promise of America begins with renewing the idea that in America, we rise or fall as one nation and one people,” – President-elect, Barack Obama.

Mark your African-American Heritage Barack Obama Calendar. Inauguration day is January 20th, a federal holiday in D.C. and possibly day off for school kids in Baltimore. Its historic significance has peaked the interest of many Americans. Tickets to the event, that are supposed to be free, are selling online for thousands.

This 2009 … Continue Reading

Advertising Items that Generate Web Traffic

Generating web traffic is a challenge for any business. In addition to SEO, advertising items are useful tools to attract visitors.

Imprinting a logo and web address on a custom promotional product will drive business to websites because they are memorable unique advertising tools.

Here are some computer related products and desktop accessories that are great promotional business gifts.

The USB Mouse Pad has 4 usb ports to connect cameras, mp3 players and various electronic items without the hassle of reaching to the back of the computer. It nicely displays … Continue Reading

Thanksgiving: Show Your Appreciation!

Who doesn’t feel special when they receive a gift? Thank you gifts leave a lasting impression, more than just saying thank you. It is an effective way to build customer relationships. When you learn how to effectively and creatively show appreciation your customers feel a personal connection and confident about their purchase.

So this Thanksgiving think about saying thank you with a business gift. Here are some ideas that show gratitude.

Custom Imprinted Calendars & Planners are great annual thank you gifts. You can send them out year after … Continue Reading

Tips to Lure Holiday Shoppers

Holiday shoppers this season will be frugal. The biggest drop in retail sales on record was last month and expectations for the rest of the season are glum. Shoppers are cutting down on spending and shopping on premeditated budgets. These are definite signs of a recession.

So here are a few tips to attract consumers.

Make your product or service more affordable by cutting the luxuries. Stock items that cost less and sell for less. Customers are making buying decisions based on price, so cut them where possible … Continue Reading

Awareness and Inspiration from a News Anchor’s Climb

As I watched Ann Curry report from Mount Kilimanjaro on the Today show this morning a lot of things came to my mind. My first thought was “wow, what a cool job!” but more importantly I thought about the purpose of her journey and the teamwork it took to accomplish it. It is part of the “Ends of the Earth” project where the news anchors of the morning show where sent to different parts of the Earth to report on the effect of global warming.

Ann Curry and her … Continue Reading

Perpetual Promotions: Date Finder Calculator Calendar

Days come and go faster each year and our lives get busier every minute. Planning and scheduling are important parts of our daily lives. Calendars are useful tools in every profession where organization is key to success. Promotional calendars are effective marketing tools in our fast paced society.

Featured in today’s blog are the Date Finder Calculator and a few unique Perpetual Calendars. They are everyday advertising specialties that never expire.

The Date Finder Calculator is a functional tool for future planning. Its clean white face has a large imprint area for your … Continue Reading