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Myths About Eco Friendly Gifts

Earth Friendly Gifts

Earth Friendly Gifts

Most people are aware that there is a need to conserve resources and reduce waste to try to preserve our beautiful Earth. But awareness does not necessarily increase responsibility. We tend to complicate the matter and begin to believe in the following myths. You can reverse your clients thinking by promoting your brand with Earth Friendly items. Lead by example and do your part. Remember Earth Day is April 22nd.

#1: I’m only one person/company it won’t make a difference. That can’t be farther from the truth. Every little bit counts. One person can make a difference. If you are one and I’m one and they are several the results will grow exponentially. The same goes for your brand the more you put into promoting it the more you will get noticed.

#2: The quality of recycled products is not as good. Not at all, in fact they can be just as, if not more, durable materials. At Garrett Specialties we only choose quality recycled promotions.

#3: The items are not really eco-friendly. Eco-friendly can mean many things. Products that are Earth friendly come in many forms. For example they can be made from recycled materials, biodegradable, energy saving, and/or create awareness. Just ask! Our manufacturers will offer certifications when available.

#4: Eco Gifts are expensive. Not at Garrett Specialties. We offer our items at very low prices. We want you to keep the Earth green and your pocket greener.

#5: We have an abundant supply of natural resources. “This is perhaps the largest myth we must overcome. Many of the resources currently used to produce fibers are either taken from fossil fuels or rely on water and energy to be manufactured. Previously underdeveloped countries are increasing their consumption at lightning speed – and first-world countries like ours are not letting up. If we cannot develop or locate alternate sources of natural resources, then we need to recycle those resources we have available. Either we change our current manner of consumption, or we deplete our supply and terminate our way of life.”

“Each of us has a responsibility to contribute to our planet’s future. Only when the consuming population, the businesses and the manufacturers commit themselves can we start the war on waste. Consumers are well aware of the need to conserve our natural resources and to reduce wasteful exploitation, but we need to convince them to make that choice with their purchasing decisions… There is satisfaction in knowing we can make a difference so that future generations will enjoy our beautiful world.”

Portions of this post are sourced from Wearables “Six Myths About Going Green” by John Veach.