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Braille Rubik’s Cube: Meet Clients’ Needs with Satisfation Awareness

Promotional Rubik's Cube
This braille cube puzzle adds another dimension to the classic promotional Rubik’s Cube puzzle. Not just for the blind. Like the Mood Dude™ Rubik’s Cube this classic toy is now more interesting and pleases everyone’s needs. The stark white squares and Braille embossed colors: green, blue, red, yellow, white and pink make you see and touch the Rubik’s cube like you never have before.

I’d like to use this product as an example of how to meet your customer’s needs. Give them complete satisfaction through awareness. Pay attention to what they want. Know who your audience is and remember their desires when your are writing up your marketing objectives.

If customers aren’t responding, you might not have what they want or need. Change something to change their response.

Not everyone is the same. The makers of this Rubik’s Cube have expanded their customer base by thinking about how to meet the needs of everyone.

Talk to your customers. Don’t assume you know what they are looking for. Ask for feedback and take action on their suggestions.

Make the interaction between you and your clients enjoyable with the use of promotional products. Giveaways make your time more valuable because it becomes more interesting. Plus marketing gifts are items of remembrance and they leave behind a favorable impression.

Braille cube by Yanko Design.

One Response to “Braille Rubik’s Cube: Meet Clients’ Needs with Satisfation Awareness”

  1. Kristina Jefries said:

    Apr 07, 11 at 10:47 pm

    Rubik’s definitely looked outside of the box and considered their clients wants/desires. A braille cube is something I never would have dreamed of.