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Don’t Let Old Man Winter Freeze Your Promotions!

Promotional Ice Scrapers and Snow Brushes
A major portion of the US has already gotten slammed with winter weather this week. And old man winter has only begun to show his face. Some of us will enjoy the glistening white landscapes this holiday season. Others dread the work and energy involved while clearing snow and ice.

Take advantage of old man winter with your next promotion. Most ice scrapers provide a large and clear imprint area. Display your logo proudly on a useful snow brush. With each snow fall comes a new opportunity for that snow scraper to increase awareness of your brand. A useful promotion that requires a small investment.

Any type of business can use an ice scraper with their advertising strategy, but here are some examples: Rental Car Companies, Automotive Sales and Service, Banks and Financial Institutions, Hardware and Supply Houses, Retail Industries, and Service Industries. Also makes a great trade show/expo giveaway.