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Top Uses for USB Flash Drives

Promotional USB Flash DrivesUSB flash drives have become a necessity in today’s digital age. There are so many reasons to carry a flash drive while traveling or on a daily basis. Here are a few that I put together.

Important Files and Documents

USB drives conveniently hold all your valuable documents for business or travel. It is now very easy to transport files with usb drives. They are a great place to keep an extra copy of your itinerary and travel documents too.

Back-ups and Recovery

God forbid that you have a horrible computer crash while on the road. Use a thumb drive to back-up your files. Turn one into a boot-able usb drive in case you ever need to completely recover your operating system.

Music, Movies, and Photos

Carry additional entertainment on a portable usb drive. If you’re like me, you have an over load of music files. This way you can swap movies and music from your drive to your player. Also you can play your movies and TV shows on hotel TV’s that have usb ports. Download your photos to free up your camera’s memory chip. Keeping your media on a usb drive frees up your hard drive. Also, it makes it easy to share media between computers.

I’m sure you can think of many other reasons why usb drives are useful. We live in a digital age and thumb drives have become a travel necessity.

Flash drives make an excellent promotion. Keep your brand in memory with imprinted usb drives.