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Direct Mail, a top choice

A recent survey by Pitney Bowes concluded that marketers under the age of 35 are more likely to use promotional mailers than other marketing groups. This information is from 500 completed surveys.

Marketers tend to use multiple channels such as email marketing, social media, and mobile marketing verses a single channel. However the two most widely used are email marketing and direct mail.

Some conclusions are that younger marketers may find it too expensive to run a digital campaign. Young marketers also find it more effective to use different types of marketing media.

Even in this digital age people need to use all of their senses. Direct mail provides a different form of interaction between the client and your brand. It provides them with something they can touch and feel. Choose promotional mail to get instant reactions. A clever way to combine both direct mail with social media is with the use of QR codes! Have a QR code imprinted on a promotional mailer. Users can scan the code from their smartphone and instantly be directed to your website.

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