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Garnier Pure Pen Punch Out Ticket Idea

Garnier Pure Pen Punch Out Ticket Promotion
Here is a creative marketing campaign that was targeted towards college students. The product is the Garnier Pure Pen that removes blemishes and pimples quick, easy and on the go. A model’s face was printed on the back of bus tickets along the college bus routes. As the tickets were punched it created a “blemish” on the model’s face. The message: Garnier Pure – Zap blemishes away! Agency: Publicis Mumbai, India.

Rectangle Punch Out Key Chain CardLooking to get the attention of your customers? You don’t have to go and print on the back of bus tickets, but it’s inventive ideas like this that can be used to influence your next catchy marketing promotion. A promotional punch key chain can be used to create a similar campaign. Determine your target audience and use punch out card key tags to encourage repeat business.