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March is American Red Cross Month

Charity Imprinted Items for March: Red Cross MonthEach year the President of the United States signs a proclamation that declares March “Red Cross Month.” The American Red Cross runs blood drives, provides aid, emotional support for victims of disaster and relief.

The Red Cross did not rely on traditional fund-raisers for support at the start of the organization. They raised funds by word of mouth, through public reaction towards national and global disasters, and through mainly media and publicity. However, that changed with the start of WWI when the first national fund drive. Then in 1943 FDR officially declared March, “Red Cross Month”. For more history go to

This is a great opportunity for companies to show support. Host a blood drive or start and employee volunteer program. Show appreciation to volunteers with imprinted products. Businesses can build credibility with clients by choosing to support a major cause or charitable organization. Company brands can be displayed on Non-Profit Charity related gifts. Choose comforting gifts like stuffed animals and stress relievers. Customize useful items like water bottles and hand sanitizers.

The products shown above are:
Bottle For A Cause – Red
Heart Bookmark
Peek-A-Boos-Smiley Bear
Hand Sanitizing Travel Kit