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Win Customers on Service, Not Price.

Spiral Bound Notebook and Pen with Epoxy Four Color Imprint
Do you always find yourself lowering prices just to get the sale? Sales shouldn’t consistently be based on price. Otherwise those that buy on price, leave on price. There is usually some competitor out there that will beat the lowest price. So do you continue to lower your prices just to keep up?

The solution is to drive your customers to buy, by addressing their needs. Try to keep competitive prices but don’t let that be the tiebreaker. Ask a ton of questions and help them find the best possible solution. Otherwise the fight for sales will continue. The customer doesn’t know if they are getting the lowest price, so they traditionally ask for additional discounts.

Create a consistent relationship with clients. Be reliable, provide for their needs and wants. Go the extra mile to find solutions. Then show appreciation for their trust and loyalty.

This week’s pick is a great business gift they’ll take note of. Check out the Spiral Bound Notebook and Pen. Give them a place to jot down their ideas for you to work with. The colorful epoxy dome imprint on both the notepad cover and pen make your logo look cool too! Brand recognition you can feel.

One Response to “Win Customers on Service, Not Price.”

  1. Sanjay Deva said:

    Mar 10, 10 at 2:06 am

    Excellent information. We find most businesses compete on price, which gives them very little to differentiate themselves from others. Probably because most people don;t know what they can do to be any different and add value.