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Hotel Promotion Goes Green Bananas

Banana Green Hotel Advertisement

This is an ad campaign for a Swedish hotel, Scandic. The message is “Stay at a Scandic hotel this summer and book before the prices ripen.” The hotel chain is encouraging guest to book rooms early to receive discounted rates. Prices will ripen upon the arrival of summer.

A unique and clever concept, however, they could have imprinted a Banana Stress Ball with a slightly different expression. Like, “prices that never ripen.”

2 Responses to “Hotel Promotion Goes Green Bananas”

  1. Promotional Products Blog Site full of Fresh Marketing Ideas: Specliaties Blog Spot » Blog Archive » Talking Bananas: Cell Phone Holders said:

    Aug 25, 09 at 6:24 pm

    […] Check out this banana peel of a promotion to, it’s pretty clever. Hotel Promotion goes Green Bananas. […]

  2. Stubby Holder said:

    Jun 10, 11 at 3:13 am

    That a great idea to promote this bussiness and to have a lot of costumer. Other costumers attrach with the Green Bananas.