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SyFy’s (SciFi) Rebranding with Promotional Products

Formally spelled “SciFi” network now “SyFy” has re-branded with a new logo and an expanded marketing concept. They also changed their identity for copyright purposes.

The marketing team at SyFy searched for customized items that would expand the imagination of viewers, executives, and advertisers. The idea was to give advertising gifts that would promote thoughts about opportunity, creative thinking, future growth and to portray their new tagline: “Imagine Greater”. A collection of technological gifts were made with an illuminated or screen printed SyFy logo which include web cams, futuristic ice cream makers, light up computer mice, journals, calendars and more.

Computer Related and Technology gifts are some of the hottest promotions that create an expanding consciousness for your brand and client devotion.

Source: Chief Marketer, Promotions Section, “The ‘Wow’ Files”, Aug. 1, 2009

One Response to “SyFy’s (SciFi) Rebranding with Promotional Products”

  1. Danny T. said:

    Nov 02, 09 at 4:02 pm

    I actually noticed this the other night when I was changing the channels happened to land on SyFy Channel and saw the new logo on the bottom of the screen. Seems like they thought it through really well, with their selection in promotional items and new company slogan. I have always been a fan of the channel, good that they are keeping with the times and changing their look for the future. And you definitely can’t go wrong with technology promotional items. Great Post, Cheers