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Improve Employee Motivation with Holiday Gifts

photo by paulidin

photo by paulidin

Counselor magazine, a leading source for the promotional product industry, released results from a new survey. Counselor focuses on helping businesses increase employee morale. The survey concluded that giving gifts to your employees will increase motivation and productivity. 75% of the employees surveyed responded that receiving gifts boosted their morale. 60% said the gesture alone made them like their companies more. 33% said that the gift gave them the extra drive to be more productive.

The survey also found that when you give holiday gifts to your business partners they are more likely to give you more business in the future. 60% of receivers keep their gifts for more than 6 months which keeps the gift givers name in mind.

Promotional gift giving shows value and appreciation for employees and business partners. Create lasting relationships by adding a personal touch with logo gifts.

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