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Halloween Bounce Pen

Halloween Bounce Flashing Pen
Trick or Treat? Don’t we always go for the treat? Well, treats don’t always have to be sweet as in candy <. The Halloween Bounce Pen is a great giveaway alternative. Hit it! Tap it! Slam it! Watch it light-up with every bounce.

Imprinted on the barrel with your logo or message. It will be a message that will stick around much longer then one that’s on a candy wrapper.


2011 Promotional Calendar Sale!

2011 Promotional Calendar Sale
All Garrett Specialties’ promotional calendars are on sale now through August 31, 2010.

Receive $25 OFF a purchase of custom calendars and planners worth $500 or more! Simply use promo code: 25CAL.

Custom Imprinted Calendars and Planners provide 365 days of visibility. Calendars are the best promotion for your dollar. No other advertising gift provides such great exposure at such a low price.

Choose from several calendar themes to creatively convey your message. Select a calendar theme that coincides with your business or one that interests your clients.

Calendars and planners come in many varieties … Continue Reading

Let the Sun Shine Inspiration and Sales!

Summer Inspiration to Sales
Summer is the time to relax and have some fun! But that’s no reason to let business go on vacation, make summer slow time profitable time. When your mind is at ease you are more open to inspiration. I get my best ideas while laying in the sun at the beach or driving on a beautiful day.

Let the sun shine in at work.
Engage employees and have a company picnic. This will lift their spirits and inspire them. Feeling positive, happy and motivated will bring out their best work!

Bring sales in on a cool … Continue Reading

Turn One-Time Customers Into Repeat Customers.

French-Press Coffee and Tea SetPerfectly satisfied customers may purchase from another company the next time around. Why? Either they don’t remember or they perceive no difference between you and your competitors.

Here are a few ideas on how to turn one-time customers into repeat customers.

Before you deliver your goods or services discuss their goals. Then offer them your help to reach those goals.

Give them something to remember you by; offer a promotion with purchase. Use promotions as a way to express appreciation. Or create a rewards program with a special gift after pre-determined amount of orders have … Continue Reading

The Athlete’s Foot (TAF) Back-to-School Promo

TAF The Athlete's Foot Re-branding Drawstring Backpack Promotional
Earlier in the year The Athlete’s Foot implemented a drawstring backpack promotion to help consumers become familiar with its new logo. The company now wants to be known as TAF, which stands for “The Athlete’s Foot”. This was to sort of disguise its old fungus infected sounding name.

Anyway, the challenge was to appeal to shoppers during the back to school shopping season and to introduce and familiarize its new logo to the market. So they offered imprinted drawstring backpacks as a free gift with purchase.

The back packs were the … Continue Reading

KFC Repaired Pothole Marketing

As a different approach, to save money on advertising and to do something good for the community, KFC instead spent their advertising budget on repairing potholes in select cities.

Everybody wins with this campaign. The city gets their potholes fixed while KFC get’s to advertise their logo in major metropolitan areas. Just like their fresh chicken, cities around the country have “fresh” streets. Spray painted on the street, “Re-freshed by KFC” The company gains a good reputation for positive marketing.

This is a great example of how marketing can do well for the community. Did you know that June is National Safety … Continue Reading

Remember National Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Day Gifts
Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up during the first week in May. This year teacher appreciation week is May 3rd through May 8th. Celebrate our educators and spread the word about this special event. Show teachers you are thankful for their dedication to today’s kids.

Looking for ways to celebrate? Why not organize an academic event with entertainment by students. Hold a teacher’s award ceremony; give customized awards in the achiever certificate holder. Throw a party; teachers and children can celebrate with fun stuff and games. Also, students and administration can organize a class trip and … Continue Reading

Slam Dunk Promotions for March Madness

Basketball Promotional Products
Basketball promotional items for students and fans. Shoot nothing but net with great basketball products; your logo can’t be missed.

Basketball is one of the most popular and widely viewed sports in the world. Show your support and raise funds for a local team during postseason playoffs. Take advantage of the excitement basketball creates during the NCAA’s March Madness events in local sports bars and restaurants.

Increase team spirit and display your message on a Basketball Car Magnet, a perfect outdoor promotion. Drive around with team pride or bounce around the New Inflatable Basketball through the game … Continue Reading

Can direct mail compete with digital marketing media?

Promotional MailersYes. Promotional mailers have significant advantages over digital marketing.

Return on investment from promotional mail is quantifiable, a major factor out weighting the low cost of digital communications marketing. Also, based on household demographic information, promotional mail can be easily targeted to a specific audience.

Targeted mail is personal and encourages interaction. This is where business can integrate the use of digital marketing and attract consumers to the web. Included web addresses, email information, online survey’s, or promotion codes are some of the many tactics used in direct mail to connect customers to businesses online.

Also, … Continue Reading