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Effective Networking Using Promotional Products

Networking can be one the most beneficial activities for your business. Creating new relationships with prospects and maintaining good relationships with clients are indispensable for effective networking. The following are five tips for effective networking with the aid of some promotional products.

Maintain a positive attitude.
Be upbeat and ready to help and learn your client. Inspire/Motivate Calendars provide the daily mental boost for your sales force. Fun promotional gifts will create smiles and break the ice at networking events.
Focus on the client’s needs.
Make sure they know how … Continue Reading

Get Stress Relief! – Bath and Spa Gift Sets

The Dow continues to fall and stress levels continue to rise. To deal with this stressful economy and the approaching holiday season we all need a way to relax.

Bath and Spa promotional products are great incentives or gifts for clients and employees. Help them relax with a Stress Relief Gift Set. It’s White Tea & Jasmine bath salts and Eucalyptus & Spearmint stress relief lotion will make them feel clean, relaxed and refreshed. Or help them get off their feet with the … Continue Reading

Hot Item: Customized Reusable Tote Bag

Reusable Tote Bags are a hot item. They are fashionable, convenient, and more importantly they’re Earth Friendly.

Billions of the plastic bags that you receive from grocery stores and retail stores end up in landfills and eventually become toxic. Some large retail stores have stopped providing plastic bags and require you to purchase reusable bags or bring your own. Large cities such as San Francisco have banned them and a few states are considering a ban.

Reusable Shopping Bags are large enough to carry a … Continue Reading

Basketball Stress Ball – Playing the Point Guard Position

Nextaff’s marketing objective was to find a successful advertising tool for their Kansas City branch sales team. They are a professional hiring organization. Their sales team visits local companies in efforts to bring in new clientele. They were looking for a promotional product they could leave behind as a small item of remembrance.

Nextaff provides staffing and payroll services to companies nationwide. They use a proven formula for placing the right people in the right position. The challenge was to find promotional items to portray that.

Their sales manager is really into basketball. Her … Continue Reading

Holiday Gift Giving – Start Planning Early!

It is time to put some thought into the holiday gift giving season. It may seem early but there are benefits to planning early.

Beat the Rush
Order early while stock is available. Save on rush service charges and expedited shipping fees. If you do run out of time rush items and services are available.

Be Creative
Give yourself time to be creative. It is important to give well thought out corporate gifts. Show your loyal customers, vendors and employees how much you appreciate and value you them. Send gifts … Continue Reading

Go Pink! Show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. So it is a great time to show your support and increase awareness.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women. The American Cancer Society (ACS) estimates that 182,460 new cases of invasive breast cancer will occur among women in the United States during 2008, with approximately 1,990 new cases expected in men.

There are several ways you can show your support … Continue Reading

Promotional Calendars and Planners that Hang Around All Year Long!

It’s time to start planning for 2009! First on the agenda are Custom Promotional Calendars and Planners. The prime time to order is September through October.

The sooner you get them, the sooner they will be daily reminders to loyal customers and sales prospects. People enjoy receiving calendar gifts that they can hang on the wall, place in there pockets or bags, or use on their desks. They are popular promotional gifts because they offer year round advertising.

Garrett Specialties offers a wide selection. There are the classic Wall Calendars, Design Your Own … Continue Reading

Grow Your Business with Promotional Products

It’s no news flash that the economy has gone bad. Sales are down and costs are rising. So what do you do to grow your business?

Those who are apprehensive quickly reduce spending in order to cut costs. Reducing expenses is good business practice if you make sensible decisions. Inopportunely, advertising budgets are often the first to decrease. Companies who don’t continue to fund promotions will decrease advertising noise to the advantage of those who do. Businesses who invest will stand out. Promote your business with customized advertising specialties and you will experience the reward.

Research shows that advertising using promotional … Continue Reading

Industry Related Promotion

The main purpose of advertising specialties is to serve as a reminder. The more a person is exposed to your message the more likely they are going to retain it. A good way to achieve this goal is to give Industry Related gifts that will be used frequently.

Industry Related promotions create logical and functional connections between you and your consumer. For example, California based Wingard Construction is handing out the Mini Aluminum LED Flashlights at an annual charity golf tournament this October. Wingard specializes in fire and water reconstruction for insurance claims. The flashlights will be given primarily to insurance … Continue Reading

Skull Stress Ball – a no brainer!

Today’s challenging economy is frightening. So with Halloween just around the corner spook up sales with creative and unique promotions. These Promotional Gifts for Halloween have the appeal you are looking for.

Lux, a global creative and technological solutions provider, was looking for a giveaway for a swag heavy show. After browsing they found the new Skull Stress Ball. It was a no brainer being that Halloween is a favorite Lux holiday. “They were perfect. They were fun, had a nice … Continue Reading