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Customizable USB People

USB People Flash Drive
They are like the Build-a-Bears of the computer world. You start out with a standard USB person flash drive then you can customize it any way you’d like. Have you ever built a Wii person? It works just like that! Choose your USB people’s hair, eyes, lips, nose, mouth, clothing, and shoes. Then maximize its personality by adding your logo to it.

If you are interested in personalizing USB People thumb drives from scratch contact us at [email protected] Use the subject line: USB People.

We are currently optimizing our website so that users … Continue Reading Airport Security Ad Campaign

Zappos Airport AdvertisementThe perfect opportunity to advertise about shoes! placed these ads in airport security bins. It’s unexpected to see a promotion like this while going through security, a great way to captivate an audience. Zappos managed to capture their audience’s attention while they were not wearing shoes. Sending the message to buy your next pair from them.

Whatever your product or service maybe, you can choose a promotional item that will put your business on consumers’ mind.

Source: Guerrilla Marketing and Communication Arts

Robot USB Drive (alternate to usb people)

Promotional USB Robots
Bring a little novelty to an everyday device. As a unique alternate to the popular USB people this robot is pretty cool. Robot USB Drive has an attractive shiny metal design and originality that makes it fun and interesting!

1GB Robot Drive is a definite conversation starter. Futurama fans may be reminded of Bender. Except, this robot bends for attention and cooks up sales. He carries about your data while getting you noticed.

This little guy is a 1GB drive and includes a clasp to attach to your keychain, briefcase, or purse. Robot USB Drive … Continue Reading

Brand Trend – Smiling Logos

Kraft Foods has uncovered a new corporate and brand identity along with an entirely new logo. Their new logo smiles at you to remind you of the experiences created by their products. Similar to the new pepsi logo, a company who has recently recreated their brand as well.

Knowing your company identity and developing your brand is important to grow your business. Kraft Foods’ recent identity revamp is a good example of how and why it is a good idea to analyze and increase brand awareness. Why? Below was taken from their press release:
“Pairing our new purpose … Continue Reading

Promotional Stuffed Animals Proven to Relieve Stress!

Promotional Stuffed Animal
Promotional stuffed animals while increasing brand awareness are proven to relieve stress.

Israeli researchers conducted a study involving children who experienced traumatic stress during war times. Results were published in Pediatrics, January 2008. Small children were given stuffed animals with long legs. They were told that the stuffed toys were sad because they had no one to care for them. The kids cuddled with the stuffed animals and cared for them by wrapping its long legs around their bodies.

After three weeks the children who had grown an attachment to their stuffed critters had decreased or … Continue Reading

Garrett Specialties new business gifts website!

Garrett Specialties Promotional Products
Garrett Specialties has launched it’s new website! We hope our fresh new look will make your promotional product search more enjoyable. We are proud to have always had a site that is user friendly and easy to navigate.

The promotional items information page includes some of my favorite new features. This is the page where you can find information about each of the unique products we carry. At the top of the page you will find thumbnail images related to the product you are currently viewing. Click the right and left arrows to … Continue Reading

Pepsi Re-Branding

Corporate Brand Identity - Pepsi New LogoAn extensive pdf leaked the Internet, which describes the methodology of Pepsi’s new logo. The white band in the middle of the classic logo is transformed into a different smile depending on the product, a laugh for Pepsi Max and a grin for Diet Pepsi.

The document compares the product to the Mona Lisa and the solar system. Somehow there is a gravitational pull that shifts the expression. Quite bizarre as it may sound, Pepsi bought right into it and is spending a fortune on the re-branding project. The scientific explanation is … Continue Reading

Promotional Fun Stuff Items Improve Sales Performance

YoYo Tricks Fun Promo Giveaways
The purpose of a marketing campaign is to sell a product or create new relationships with potential clients. Sometimes they may fail for many reasons. One maybe that your advertising may not be captivating, charismatic or unique enough to hold the attention of your audience. Need to improve your sales pitch? Looking for ways to get noticed?

Spice up your promotion. Bump up the entertainment. Incorporate the use of fun stuff into your selling pitch. Maybe you know some custom yo-yo tricks or maybe you can create a challenging game with irresistible … Continue Reading

Every Step Counts – Useful Giveaways

Promotional Fitness Multifunction PedometerWhether for a trade show, walk-a-thon, corporate event, or for any type of public awareness effort here are some useful giveaway ideas.

After all, every step counts when you are venturing to increase sales. Consider a promotional pedometer for your next campaign. Wear a pedometer on your belt or waistband to record the steps you take everyday. Some multifunction pedometers like the Deluxe Multi-Function Pedometer count the total steps taken, distance traveled, calorie consumption, date and time.

A pedometer serves as a motivational tool for people starting a walking program. Walking encourages weight loss, improves cardiovascular … Continue Reading

New Promo Product Website Coming Soon!

New Website LaunchGarrett Specialties, a promotional product company will launch a new website in February 2009.

In 1991, Garrett Specialties was one of the first corporations to sell advertising specialties online. Now as one of the top promotional products distributors in the industry they are launching a new and highly anticipated website.

Garrett Specialties has always been easy to navigate and user friendly. The new site continues to make the buyer experience effortless and straightforward. New dynamic features make it even easier and faster to get valued information for the most comprehensive selection of promotion products.

Winner of the web Award … Continue Reading