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Promo Products

Did you know that Logo Products have the lowest cost per impression? Put them up against any other advertising media and you will see that promo products win every time. No wonder why they are so popular and they have so many benefits.

The lowest cost per impression (CPI) for promo gifts is about $0.002 and on average is $0.004. That’s way less than a penny! Here is how promotional products compare to other ad media. Prime Time TV: $0.019, National Magazine: $0.033, Sports Radio: $0.005, Newspaper: $0.019, and Billboard: $0.003.

The most popular promotional logo giveaways are t-shirts, pens, caps and … Continue Reading

Pantone Color of the Year

Pantone created the Pantone Matching System (PMS). PMS colors are very important to the promotional product community. PMS is a matching system used throughout the entire industry to accurately match colors. For example, your logo may have a specific PMS color. That PMS color has a number, when you place your order to have your logo imprinted on a promo product we will use that PMS number to match your logo color as close as humanly possible.

Every year Pantone selects a color of the year. This year the color is Emerald. We think it is a beautiful choice. Emerald hues … Continue Reading

Unique Ways to Find New Customers

It seems that with the growth of the digital age and social media, competition is tougher than ever before. There are  many ways to connect with new potential customers. So we have come up with a few new and unique ways for you to find your new clients.

One way is to connect with people personally before you employ any other marketing strategies. In others words, host events and communicate with new clients on a personal level. You can truly make a lasting impression with face to face contact. Then with the aid of promotional gifts you can extend that relationship … Continue Reading

Turn Leads into Sales

You may find that you receive quite a few inquiries and have a lot of leads, however, they are not turning into sales. It is your job to follow up with these leads and turn them into real business.

In this post, we will provide you with a strategic approach to using giveaways to turn leads into sales.

First you have to identify the lead and determine whether it has potential for a sale. You can do this by coming up with a set of rules or a check list. Does the person or company inquiring about your business meet the criteria … Continue Reading

Free Rush Service – Order for the Holidays!

At Garrett Specialties we have a wide selections of promotional gifts with Free Rush Service! What exactly is Free Rush Service? It means that the factory will expedite the printing of your promotional product gifts. Place your order today and we’ll provide you with an e-proof. Once your proof is approved, your order is submitted to the factory and ready to ship as soon as the next day.

So don’t worry, there is still time. We’ll jump through hoops to make sure that your order is shipped out on time with no hassles or additional fees!

Free rush service is … Continue Reading

How to Gain Loyal Clients


Create amazing experiences that your clients will remember and in-turn you will gain more and more loyal customers. Holiday gift giving is more than giving something away, it creates a memorable interaction between you and your customers. Gift giving puts people in a happy place and it is easy for people to remember good experiences. Do you want your customers to have a special place in their heart just for your business? Gain loyal and happy clients with logo promotions.

Use the holidays to give your clients extra attention. We all know it is a busy time of year for everyone, … Continue Reading

Corporate Holiday Gift Giving

Do let time run out! Take advantage of Garrett Specialties  Free rush service is available on select products. Rush service production in as little as 24 hours, which means your corporate gifts can ship as soon as the next day. We’ll have it printed and ready to ship fast, no hassles and no extra fees! (shipping cost and time not included)

When choosing your company holiday gifts here are some thoughts to consider:

Choose a sweet treat. Food Gifts are popular during the holidays! It’s a gift they will savor and smile about.

Useful items go a long way! When you … Continue Reading

Need a Halloween Promotion?

We love Halloween at Garrett Specialties and we love popcorn too! Popcorn is a healthy and fun treat that makes a great giveaway. It’s a great snack that is filling, last a movie and is different from all the traditional sugary treats. See our selection of imprinted popcorn treats!

Choose from our variety of microwave popcorn, bagged popcorn and popcorn tins. All of our popcorn treats can be personalized with your logo. Your logo will pop on this special promotional Halloween treats. Printed microwave popcorn bags make great giveaways anytime of year too!

“Ads of the World” featured an awesomely cool personalized … Continue Reading

Branding, ‘Project Runway’, Candy

While browsing the internet, I came across an article that compared branding to a Lifetime episode of Project Runway. It was a show where the challenge was to use unique materials to create fashionable outfits. They had to use candy from Dylan’s Candy Bar to be specific.

It was a great example to show how important it is to be unique and do things that are out of the ordinary. In order to stand out, it is important to be different. As you can imagine some designers struggled with the challenge while others like winner Ven Budhu blew the judges away … Continue Reading

Promotional Products and Political Campaigns

Promotional products have always had a significant role in electoral campaigns. Billions of dollars are spent on political marketing materials. Promotional products spread political messages across many platforms. For example, during a political TV commercial you will see supporters waiving flags and banners. Also you will see drivers show support with political bumper stickers. Campaign t-shirts, caps, hats, buttons and bags are sported all over the country. These types of imprinted campaigning products are seen by many and in return spread the word rapidly. Promotional products are necessary for any political campaign.

Get more votes with political giveaways!