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Cool Nike Advertisement – Dynamic Typography

Nike Soccer and Sports Advertising
Amazing to look at, even if you can’t read French. The message is clear in the imagery. It conveys a message of power, confidence, expectation and strength. A dynamic play with typography; this piece creates movement with a play on words. An example of successful advertising that is beautiful to look at by DDB Paris for Nike Soccer.

It would be fun to see how we could play with creative typography on your next imprinted promotional sports item.

3D Tetris Cube Promotional Puzzle!

Tetric Cube Puzzle Desk-top GameTetris, one of the most popular, addicting, challenging video and hand held games now as a 3-dimensional puzzle!

Can you believe that there are over 8000 solutions in this two and three quarter inch object? Hours of fun at work, on the road, or even on a nice sunny day in the park. So exciting, anyone would want one.

Put your marketing challenges to rest. The Tetris Cube is a great promotional puzzle game that’ll bowl over clients. With every hand’s challenging attempt to solve, the cube’s custom screen-printed logo increases brand recognition.

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Promo Items Increase Brand Recognition

Did you know? More than 8 out of 10 business people remembered the advertisers of the promotional products they’re received. Results from the 2008 Advertising Specialties Impressions Study by ASI. That’s what the Advertising Specialty Industry calls Instant Recall. Recognition is one of the many reasons why marketing with promotional items is proven to be effective in obtaining a decent market share.

Businesses that remember a brand are more likely to buy its goods and services; therefore business gifts are a profitable investment. In the next few weeks we will continue to discuss ASI’s Impressions Study results.

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Paw Raising Promos for National Pet Week!

Pet Promotions for Pet WeekNational Pet Week is May 3rd thru May 9th. It’s the best opportunity for pet shops, groomers, shelters, and veterinarians to advertise. Check out some of our promotional products for pets!

Celebrate the pets that love us unconditionally. Encourage owners to spend time with their animals. Increase awareness for animal hygiene, health and nutrition. Sponsor dog and cat adoption.

Personalize a dog bone key chain, pet toy or other pet accessories. Check out our paw raising promotions!

Growing Promotions!

Promotions That Grow - Plants and Potpourri
With Earth Day approaching on April 22nd and spring in the air it’s a perfect time for promotions that grow.

Here are some environmentally friendly garden ideas:

“Grow with us!” The Seed Plantable Planet expresses unity, change, growth, Earth, and hope. As a direct mailer, or handout it weights little and won’t take up too much room. Forget Me Not seeds are inside, watch it cultivate into a flowering plant. Plant this beautiful gift into the hands of your clients and watch their smiles grow.

Customize the Lucky Bamboo Plant to symbolize endurance … Continue Reading

The Coolest Koozie Party Kooler!

Promotional Insulated Cooler with Bottle and Can Opener
Are you just as anxious as I am for some fun in the sun?

It’s time to start planning for your spring and summer promotions. The Koozie Party Kooler is the coolest promotional item for your next trade show or outdoor event.

A friend of mine, Paula, received one of these at a Nursery & Plant Industry trade show. She said it was the best and most memorable freebie she received from that show. Paula uses it for backyard pool parties and she stores it in the trunk of her … Continue Reading

Robot USB Drive (alternate to usb people)

Promotional USB Robots
Bring a little novelty to an everyday device. As a unique alternate to the popular USB people this robot is pretty cool. Robot USB Drive has an attractive shiny metal design and originality that makes it fun and interesting!

1GB Robot Drive is a definite conversation starter. Futurama fans may be reminded of Bender. Except, this robot bends for attention and cooks up sales. He carries about your data while getting you noticed.

This little guy is a 1GB drive and includes a clasp to attach to your keychain, briefcase, or purse. Robot USB Drive … Continue Reading

Stay Connected! (Featured Item – Credit Card Mints)

Credit Card Mints
Make sure your client’s are happy with your products and services. Check-up on them and stay connected. Networking can be one of the most beneficial activities for your business.

Always follow-up with customers that you already have. Make sure they know you are there to provide continued services and goods. If you continue to remind your client’s, friends and associates about your business you will increase sales. Also, you want to keep them updated on what’s new and find out what their needs are.

Promotional products increase your brand awareness and show appreciation. You are guaranteed to … Continue Reading

Celebrate Earth Day – Act. Save. Educate.

Earth Day Promotions
Celebrate Earth Day April 22nd. It is important for our future. Support a clean Earth. Influence others with your brand on Earth-Friendly Products.

It is imperative to raise awareness on Earth Day and everyday. Global warming has begun to reveal its identity. The Earth has started showing us many signs of climate and weather change. It is evident with the extreme weather, melting of the polar ice caps, and an increase in temperatures that we have experienced in recent years.

Save the Earth. Take action by increasing awareness with eco-friendly promotional items. Energy saving products like the … Continue Reading

Remember National Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Day Gifts
Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up during the first week in May. This year teacher appreciation week is May 3rd through May 8th. Celebrate our educators and spread the word about this special event. Show teachers you are thankful for their dedication to today’s kids.

Looking for ways to celebrate? Why not organize an academic event with entertainment by students. Hold a teacher’s award ceremony; give customized awards in the achiever certificate holder. Throw a party; teachers and children can celebrate with fun stuff and games. Also, students and administration can organize a class trip and … Continue Reading